How to build a healthy relationship from the scratch


Having a healthy relationship not only makes you feel happy and secure but also is effective in reducing stress and anxiety. All of us at some point in our lives go through the stress of handling relationship problems and solving them in the right manner. Relationships problems are normal and very common.



The key to having a healthy relationship is good communication. You and your partner should discuss the problems, issues or insecurities that you two face from time to time and try and resolve them before they lead to an outburst.

Respect a difference of opinion

It will not always be the case when you and your partner agree on everything. A difference of opinion is bound to happen. So instead of taking it on your ego and trying to convince them to agree with you, respect this disagreement and take it in your stride. But excessive relationship problems can be a sign of trouble. There are many ways to avoid relationship issues and have a healthy, happy and long-lasting relationship.

Give space

While being in a relationship does involve being an indispensable and important part of someone’s life, it is also important that you give your partner their personal space. You two are different individuals who need some ‘me’ time every now and then, even while being in a relationship.


Have fun

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! While being stuck in the rat race, we often forget to cherish the little moments in life and tend to overlook them. So have fun, laugh a lot and try new things with your partner to keep the spark alive and going.

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