How to deal with the breakup of a long-term relationship?


Has the sun set on your relationship? Not only is it heartbreaking but also feels like the world has broken into smithereens! It is emotionally and physically draining as we obsess over those happy moments that make us feel worse. Even if you want to heal, there seems to be no easy way out of heartbreak; especially if it is from a long-term relationship.

This Too Shall Pass

This timeless Persian adage reflects on the temporary nature of life’s situations. When applying this to a breakup illustrates the fact that as hard it may be, it is time to move on, getting your life back in order. Future is never stagnant and life is ever-evolving. The worst has happened and you will only get wiser from here on.


Change Your Routine

After a breakup, many set off to get a new hairstyle, change their wardrobe or even move cities. It symbolises the start of a new life. While all this is fine, what is important is a change in your routine which is different from the one which you followed with your partner. As humans, we are used to conditioning. When you change your routine and bring in a new structure, you being to recondition to help the process of healing. This process of unlearning and learning a new route will bring a new structure in your life and slowly break unwanted associations.

Stop Playing The Blame Game

Opposites attract—it is that uniqueness that brings many together to form a relationship. However, a fallout can bring about the ‘bicker and blame’ game as we pick on those very aspects we once loved. While this could be normal the blame game needs to stop. This is the only way you can heal and move on.


Take Your Time To Heal

Give yourself time to grieve. It is not easy when your equilibrium is broken. It is normal to feel the pain and it is important to shed tears. Avoid putting a schedule or a deadline for your grieving. That would be a huge mistake and make things even tougher to compare someone else’s way of handling grief to your own.

Don’t Stalk The Ex

As tempting as it may be to find out what your ex is doing, stalking them on social media will only drag you further down the rabbit hole. I know it is hard to disconnect but it is necessary. Increase the distance and begin your break-up recovery right away.

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