How to get over your Ex?

How to get over your ex?

If you are reading this, we know you’ve probably had or are having a tough time dealing with your situation. Never mind, we are here to rescue you.

Love is a complex paradox. We find it easy when we are feeling it and when we cannot, we curse it. It’s not usually the fault of love that we experience pain. Call it the fault in your stars. Many people stop believing in love when first faced with heartbreaks. But, believe me, love exists and you’ll find it when you least expect to.

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Your recent heartbreak might have broken you to bits. But, please remember, it is not the end of your journey. You can surely get through this tough time with much grace.

Anyways, let’s get started with all the different tried and test ways to forget your ex!

Keep yourself busy.

Find various ways to engage your mind. Pick up a hobby or start a job, do a certification or try your hands at cooking. When you are busy, you focus less on what’s disturbing you. Therefore, just try distracting your mind and sooner or later, your ex will be out of sight and out of your  mind, we promise!

Stop checking up on them!

We know you’re curious to know what they’re upto. But, believe me, that does more damage than you can ever imagine. Doing this pushes your brain to get back to all those glittery memories (that are of no use now!) So, stop checking up on them and focus on yourself instead.

Meet your friends

When you are engaged in your relationship, you often forget about your friends. Go catch up with them. Talk to people and socialize. Believe you me, this helps better than any of the ideas that we’ve given or we’re get to give.

Delete their photos

We genuinely request you to let go of all the memories that you’ve made with them. Reminiscing them now is of no use at all. You can only move ahead when you let go.

Engage in self-care

Treat yourself like a king/queen. Buy your favorite perfume, eat your favorite cheese cake, go out and do everything to keep your own self pampered. You’ll feel really good!

Spend time with your family

If you are close to your parents or your sibling, talk and vent out to them. You’d feel at ease once your true emotions are vented out. It feels really lonely in the start. But, it’ll get better with time. Sit with your parents, eat meals together, watch television, and you’d know that your family is the real MVP. And that you’re not as lonely as you think you are.

Stop blaming love!

Do not let a bad relationship force you into thinking that love is toxic or bad. The person you were with wasn’t in your destiny. And, what’s written for you is far more beautiful than you can ever imagine. Believe in yourself and in love. You’ll get there, one day at a time!



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