How to Know That You’re Ready?


Marriage is really not a child’s play. You cannot back out of a marriage in a snap, like a relationship. Both, you and your partner need to be sure and secure about each other to decide if you really take this further and make it forever. It is time that you sit back, relax your mind, heart and body, and think if this is it. Think if you don’t want any changes in your partner and if they are all you want. If something is still troubling you or you are unable to make a decision, here are some signs to look for in your relationship. Finding most or all of those mentioned should be enough to make you realize that now is the time –

  1. Your goals align

This does not mean that both of you work in the same field. But, towards the same future life. It is important that you and your partner plan things in a similar and collaborative manner to shape your future lives in the way you want. This also prevents conflicts and arguments as both of you are aware of the long-term goal. These goals could be anything – investments, family planning, career-building, etc.

  1. You’ve overcome all hurdles together

A relationship goes is a roller coaster that goes through several phases of life. It is not always all-happy and merry and playing around. Real bonds test your patience and willingness to hold onto each other. If both of you as a couple have faced various emotions together and dealt with them maturely, overcame them together, and learned from your past experiences, it is a sign that you are ready to spend your lives together.

  1. You both are financially independent

If two people trust each other in multiple ways and can have faith in their partners no matter what the situation is, money does not count as a potential problem. However, it is important that even though both of you are free to borrow or lend from and to each other, you are equally independent to carry out your finances and expenses. Also, when contributing to a common interest, both of you can agree to give in an equal share.

  1. You understand healthy boundaries and spaces

It is always good to have them around. But sometimes there are instances where one would like to be alone with themselves probably for work, self-time, or any other thing. If partners understand the need to be alone and create a healthy boundary that doesn’t invade the private space of the other, you both are winning in this relationship. Of course, you can and must share your life with your partner and let them also add to it so that this creates a better living space for the two of you. But, there must a line between your lives together and your lives alone.

  1. Safe space

Many partners might be comfortable with each other, but it takes effort to become each other’s safe space. A relationship where you can talk about anything and everything without the fear of being judged or pushed off is a must-have for you to decide upon marriage. A safe space is one where you can openly discuss happy moments, fears, haunting incidents, insecurities, funny encounters, and a lot more. Basically, whenever something happens in your life and the first person who you want to run to and talk about it, is your safe space.

  1. Your families are comfortable

Now, one of the most important pre-requisites to consider before you take a step ahead into marriage is to know and understand whether your families are aware and at peace with this relationship. You might also want to consider that your families share with each other. This is crucial as a marriage does not work only for two people are their beliefs. It significantly involves the values and unity of your families. If your partner is at ease with your family, and vice versa, and also if everyone is comfortable, this is a clear sign to go ahead and tie the knot.