How to make any room look cosy and comfy


Decorating a house can seem like a pretty intimidating and daunting task. It doesn’t have to be if you approach it with an open mind and a clear plan to execute your vision. The first step is to decide the kind of person you are—Are you a minimalist? Do you prefer eclectic trends? Or do you simply just want your home to be a cosy space? Do you share this house with someone else? Because if you do you’ll want to get their inputs as well. A home should be a reflection of the people living in it. It should inspire you to be happy apart from it just being a livable space. Here are some  tips to keep in mind when it comes to making your room look and feel cosy:


Colour Scheme

Setting the colour scheme is a very important detail when trying to make a room look cosy and comfortable. It is also best to decide the colour of your walls first. The simplest and easiest way to achieve the cosy outcome is by working with dark hues and by adding warm, earthy tones with the help of your furniture. You can add wooden floors and laminates that are also easy for cleaning and beautiful to the eye. Lighter colours work better in the living room and kitchen area where you would like more light to reflect through your space. These tones can also make a space look larger—you could also work with feature walls and exposed brick for a fun element. Choose colours that can be easily warmed up and cooled down with accessories through different seasons.


It depends on the outcome you are trying to achieve, sometimes you want a more modern vibe or a more vintage vibe. Once you figure that out, it’ll be much easier for you to spot the type of furniture that would suit your needs. Make a list and also choose the colour of the wood you want to add to the space. To make your bedroom cosy, you could add a tufted headboard in luxurious fabric or you could create an overhead canopy with light, flowy fabrics to create a cosy cocoon. Make sure to also find the right placement for each object because it will ensure you have a good looking and cosy space. If you have a spacious bedroom, you could add an upholstered bench or loveseat at the foot of the bed. It can be where your extra pillows rest at the end of the night.


Cushions And Throws

I’ll start by talking about the bedroom first, you’ll need a soft, high-quality but thick mattress that you’ll need to keep in shape by rotating and flipping. You’ll want to really splurge on bedroom decor and good sheets with a higher thread count are the best because there’s nothing better than slipping in between soft sheets at the end of a long workday. Bonus points when you add quilts and blankets. I would go with solid colour sheets and add in textures, patterns and colours with the throws and cushions. The fluffier the cushion and bedding, the cosier your space is bound to look. Textures have a way of adding depth and personality to your room so consider these carefully.


The right curtains can envelop the space like a warm hug and keep away that pesky morning sunlight. Albeit, sunshine is great, everyone enjoys a nice restful slumber from time to time. Pick light colours but a heavy fabric that will help block the light out. Linen and faux jute work really well, keep the tones neutral so you’re able to add colour through the accessories easily. They’ll match your room’s style no matter how many times you change your room’s look, also an easy way to get privacy.

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