How to make thin hair look thicker


Let’s get real, most of us want the mane we don’t have. Whether it’s people with naturally-straight hair wanting hair with some texture and bend to it, or whether it’s people with extremely curly, textures mane wanting softer and more manageable tresses… The grass is always greener on the other side, yes? But what does one do when their hair is super thin? It’s a problem that our endless styling, use of hot-iron tools, colour-treated hair can have an adverse effect on the quality and volume. But here are a couple of things we can do to help bring back the volume and thickness…

1. A good hair cut

When it comes to the cut, a blunt cut can give your mane an immediate shot of fuller mane. And to add to that, if you’re really looking to give your locks a spruce, then opt for a shorter cut. Shorter mane generally looks thicker, whereas longer tresses (like the end of the hair is older and more damaged) results in hair looking weak and thin.

2. Feed your hair

A healthy and well-balanced diet is key for a healthy set of locks. Vitamin E amongst the others is one of the most important keratin supply for your mane. With that, including eggs, fish, nuts and Omega-3 are key for thicker and healthy hair as they strengthen the hair follicles.

3. Colour it right

A great colour can completely change the way your mane looks and feels. Speak to your colourist and add shade and hues that create an illusion of density and thickness.

4. The style file

If you have naturally straight locks, using tongs and/or flat irons can contribute to the volume. Blow-drying straight mane, section by section can help you achieve thicker, styled hair. The trick is to blow-dry or style in the opposite direction to your parting (at the crown area) to then create volume, by flipping the mane over and finger-combing the hair.

5. Products you use

The products you use can either make or break how your mane looks post the cut, styling and colouring.

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