How To Organise Your Closet While Quarantining


From your layered, gored, trumpet, circle, or mini skirts to your epaulette, lumberjack, aloha or casual shirts, from your chinos and cords to your drawstring, slim-fit, relaxed leg or maybe cropped trousers, everything is simpatico from your wardrobe collection. Don’t forget about the dazzling pairs of earrings staples, neckpieces, bracelets, anklets, nosepins, rings, hairpins or the statement ones you have collected over the years; also your other accessories from stylish classy belts, graceful scarfs, sunglasses or shades, hats, elegant clutch bags, hand bags, watches, socks, to your amazing range of footwears such as clogs, boots, sneakers, heels, espadrilles, lace-ups, mules, sandals, etc.

These are all your babies which have bedecked you for many occasions, and have even lifted your everyday mood along with that big box of makeup there in your closet. With the Covid-19 boutade, most of us are already at home and getting restlessly eager to know what’s going to happen next. You need to indulge yourself into other activities to stay diverted. One of them surely includes cleaning out your closet. In case you plan to clean your wardrobe anytime soon whilst being self-sequestrated, here is a get-at-able chaperone.

  1. Start by emptying all the items in your cupboard. This step is indispensable as once you have a clear vision of an empty space, you will be accurate of filling it up better.

  2. Once you are done with the emptying part, start separating all the items – lingerie, clothing, outerwear, footwear, other accessories, etc. While making an aggregation for all, also decide what you plan to keep, throw away and donate.

  3. While sorting out your bits, ask yourself these questions to clear your mind with the segregation part –

Do I love this piece?

Will I wear it again?

Does it mirror my personality?

Does it still fit me that cool or sexy?

Is this a classic in the current vogue that can be flaunted across all seasons?

  1. Further, start separating the different bunch of clothes you carry for different purposes on a regular basis. There can be a general pile of workwear, casual outings, at-home clothes, activewear, etc. 

  2. Garments can be segregated according to seasons and occasions. For example, you can keep your knitwear and wedding attires at the back of your wardrobe. You can even separate your clothes based on colour coding and colour blocking to make your closet visually appealing.

  3. When you are done grouping all your pieces, it’s time to get back to place them accordingly in your closet. For that you can follow these simple steps to complete your work –

Step 1 – Keep all seasonal and occasional items at the back. Make use of baskets to keep them. Put the heavy Indian ethnic wear in plastic covers so that they don’t go through any wear and tear. 


Step 2 – Keep your daily basis needs in the front. Keep your lingerie in a basket or a drawer. 

Step 3 – Use your hangers to hang long dresses, jackets and lightweight pants. Definitely hang your pleated skirts or tops and not fold them as this will cause the pleats to open up, and if that happens, you end up murdering the entire look.

Step 4 – Keep your jewellery in boxes or pouches, and also your make-up items all in the drawers. Rolling up T-shirts and keeping them in drawers is a fantastic way of putting the space into use. Socks, swimwear and other mini items also hack it well.

Step 5 – Keep your footwear in cloth bags or boxes. Keep the festive ones away from your reach and the ones you wear daily in the front or on the top. 

Step 6 – Accessories can be hung on hooks in your wardrobe or can be kept carefully in one section of your closet. 

Step 7 – Finally, discard your things which are totally damaged and cannot be given to someone else. Donate your clothes and other items which are in a good condition to the needy heads with love. And, you are done!


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