How to set healthy boundaries for a healthy relationship


Whether you’ve been married  for six months or ten years, when you create poor boundaries you automatically create dependency and end up becoming an unhappy couples. It’s best  to develop healthy personal boundaries between your spouse and you for a healthy and happy relationship 

Often, we consider boundaries to be something that pushes people away, or we’re afraid that the other person will react negatively or feel hurt. However, we are not referring to such boundaries. healthy boundaries in relationships are a prerequisite to happiness and they define us and what is essential in our lives, thereby reducing the drama that everyday misunderstandings can create.

What are personal boundaries?

Our personal boundaries define our identity and individuality as a person.Personal boundaries are the limits and rules we set for ourselves within relationships. A person with healthy boundaries can say “no” to others when they want to, but they are also comfortable opening themselves up to intimacy and close relationships.

Good relationship boundaries

While there are some basic rules to consider when building and maintaining healthy boundaries (as noted above), what works for one person might not be so ideal for someone else. Before you find a partner, you’ve got your own patterns of behaviors that you become used to. So keep in mind that you need to be transparent about what’s important to you with your partner and help them get adjusted to your needs. 

Do not enforce 

Enforcing is not the solution.Respecting people’s personal space is a very important boundary in itself, just as much as you want your boundaries to be respected make sure to understand your partner as well. 

Time spent together 

Another important aspect that might slowly become a concern is when couples tend to start ignoring each other under the name of boundaries. There is nothing wrong with having time for yourself but the amount of time you spend together is another key one to consider, and this is likely to change throughout the relationship.

Financial boundaries 

Money is another notable relationship boundary. Put simply, they are rules you set in place to balance the relationship between your finances, your loved ones, and yourself. Setting boundaries allow you to prioritize your own financial health rather than bending to the whim of others at all times. Financial boundaries can also protect your relationships and help reduce conflict and resentment with loved ones.

Intimate agreements 

Intimacy is another important aspect in  relationship agreements. Talk it out on what is comfortable and what isn’t before you get into any marriage and always try to make your partner understand your stand.