How to stay cautious for Holi 2021

holi 2021

Holi is known for its colours and the fun that it beholds. All the creative activities that people do make it more memorable in ways innumerable. Holi 2021 is just around the corner and about to knock on our doors with many surprises that undeniably we’ll love and cherish.

We request you to follow the COVID health guidelines issued by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Let us not gather in huge crowds and let this be a family affair this time. Making Holi more memorable for your life make sure to be cautious at some moments so that it won’t cost your health in any way. Here are some tips for you to follow during Holi.

Stay hydrated, wear masks

The thing that we usually ignore is drinking enough water that let our system work accordingly. Since Holi falls in the summertime we might get dehydration due to lack of water in the human system. So, for making the fun activities still going on with more fun and enthusiasm make sure to stay hydrated. If you do need to meet a few people, maintain distance, sanitise and wear a mask for Holi 2021!holi 2021

Use organic or kitchen ingredients, don’t go out

Avoid going out this Holi season as we are living in a time of a pandemic. To get rid of colour stains we usually use harsh chemical infused products to remove them and they eventually made skin more patchy and dry. To get away from this problem use kitchen products like wheat flour powder or lemons to clean your skin gently.

Go for home-made

Using chemical colours not only harm people but also contaminate water too. Avoid using these colours, instead, use home-made colours or organic colours.

Adopt skincare

During all the fun-filled activities we often ignore some minute details of taking care of ourselves. Apply some oil to your hair and to your entire body before indulging in colours to keep safe from damage, do not use contact lenses while playing colours, use earbuds if playing water-games, and apply nail-polish too.

Take care of clothes

Try to wear clothes that could cover most of your body parts, so that you won’t work hard, later on, to remove colours from your body.

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