How to use a jade roller and gua sha for face and neck


To say that these tools are new to the world of beauty would be wrong. They might be the latest obsession for almost everybody talking about skincare on social media, but they have been around for centuries. In fact, both the Gua Sha and jade roller have been a part of the ancient Chinese medicine system since time immemorial—except skincare wasn’t always what they were designed to be used for.

Jade rollers 

You might’ve seen jade rollers touted all over social media and YouTube as a miracle cure for everything from puffy skin to lymphatic drainage.Jade rollers are effective at pushing excess fluids and toxins through your lymphatic system.

Don’t worry too much about pulling down on the skin. Even regular rolling isn’t enough to contribute to wrinkles.Rolling or massaging the face after applying topical product can help the product absorb into your skin

How to Properly Use a Jade Roller

Step 1: before you reach for your roller, prep the clean skin on your face by applying your serums and oils. Just be sure not to rub it in completely so that the jade roller can get to work. 

Step 2: Begin with your collarbone and neckUse your jade roller by moving from the bottom to the top of your face. Then, you’ll want to move onto the neck in a similar fashion. 

Step 3: Start on either side of your nose, pushing outwards as you roll. A light touch is key.

Step 4: Use the small stone for your eye Area If you’ve got a double-sided roller, switch over to the small stone. Simply roll from the inner corner of your eye out. 

Step 5: Clean your roller. Sanitize your roller before you tuck it away for later use.  This will help prevent future breakouts.

Gua sha 

If you’re on the lookout for the magic tool that will change your whole beauty routine, look no further than By BEAUTY BAY’s Jade Gua Sha. The heart shaped skincare tool has been designed to not only enhance your daily beauty ritual but to help you relax and unwind when you’re in need of a spa-worthy treatment. Made with 100% naturally sourced jade, a stone which is thought to soothe the mind, release negative thoughts, and bring harmony, the gua sha is your next skincare and wellness hero.

How To Use Your Gua Sha?

Step 1 cleanse your face and apply any serum, face oil or moisturiser of your choice. 

Step 2. Hold your tool firmly in the correct way. The curved part should hug the curves of your skin and the flat part should rest on your skin.

Step 3 Begin by using the wider concave side of your tool. Start at the base of one of the sides of your well-moisturized neck, pulling it up, towards your jaw. 

Step 4 Next, with the smaller cleft or divot in your Gua Sha, start scraping from the center of your chin. Scrape it along your jawline, going towards the bottom of your ears. 

Step 5 Take the flatter curve of your tool and scrape from the center of your face to massage the cheeks. 

Step 6   Then, use the small rounded end of your tool to massage the area under your eyes, pulling it towards your temples.

Step 7 lace your tool against your forehead in a way that the largest curve is just above and gently pull it up towards your hairline.

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