How To Use Books As Wedding Decor

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Books aren’t only used to read, some of them can also be used as wedding decor. If you’re on a budget or just an avid book reader then having books as your decor is ingenious. 

Books are easily available in markets around you. In fact, some thrift stores and thrift markets also carry books at cheap and affordable prices. If you’re lucky enough you would even find books being sold in a bundle. That’s your opportunity, grab some books and tie them together to have an eccentric wedding decor theme. 

Book Centrepieces

books as wedding centrepieces

Books can be used as centrepieces for your table decor. These centrepieces can be decked up with a floral arrangement or even some foliage. These centrepieces would give a modern yet fantastical look to your decor if that is something you aim for, then this is the perfect piece of decor for you. If you are someone who is a bookworm then you might try these out and make your unique aesthetic out of your hobbies. Book centrepieces are something that looks beautiful yet rustic. 


book stands for wedding

Stack up a few books to create this easy piece of decor for your wedding ceremony. This is a piece of decor that is sustainable yet it gives a very rugged look to your event. Having a bunch of books stacked up around the venue will make your fantasy wishes come true. These cute little book towers or book stands will surely be an eye-catcher for your guests. 

Book Jacket Place cards

book jacket as place cards for wedding

This is a trend that hasn’t been experimented on a lot but that gives you the perfect opportunity to try it out and maybe become one of the few people who gave ignition to it. The little tiny book jackets with the guest’s name on them give a touch of personalisation which makes the guests feel special. If you plan on having a destination wedding then this is the perfect trend for you to try out. The book jacket place cards can also be made through reusing and sustainable means. 

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Wedding Favours

books as wedding favours

Books are a thoughtful gift that can be given throughout the year but as a wedding favour? Yes, please. Books that are given as a wedding favour are forever cherished by guests. It is a gift that you can personalise and make it more special. If you have a family of readers then this is the perfect wedding favour for them. 


books as archway

Love reading books? Make them a part of your wedding day. Have a book archway instead of a floral one to get all your candid pictures in. The archway can be made entirely of books and nothing else but you also personalise some elements. Foliage and floral arrangements can be used throughout the archway which can enhance the look and make it feel more like a celebratory archway. This way you can add an element that is dear to your heart while still keeping it within the theme. 

Table Numbers 

books as table numbers in wedding

The table numbers for the wedding guests can be written on the cover of the book. The book can have clever numbers or even riddles for the guest to have a little wordplay if that’s what you prefer. The table numbers can be a cute way of personalising your wedding decor and have a more sustainable option for decor on your special day. These table numbers can even be upholstered on the books and even embroidered. A professional calligraphist can also do a good job of writing numbers which will enhance the look of your table numbers. 

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Try these cute book ideas for wedding decor and make your special day more personalised and exclusive.