How to Wear Your Bridal Nath Gracefully

bridal naths

Bridal naths are a traditional piece of jewellery that every bride adorns on her wedding day. Modern brides are still wearing these but have their unique take on this. 

Bridal naths are not a trend but a tradition that has been going on at least for the past five generations. Some brides like to embrace tradition and even end up wearing the bridal naths passed down from their generations. However, some modern-age brides are choosing the other path. The bridal nath is an essential piece of jewellery for the Indian bride. Having a nath that matches your aesthetic and your choice is what matters. Let’s look at some pieces of bridal naths: 

Kundan Nath 

kundan nath for brides

Kundan naths are adorned with beautiful colourful stones and come in different sizes and different materials. These naths give more of a traditional look to an outfit but can also be dressed as a contemporary look. The nath and its look totally depends on the outfit you wear it with and how much you decide to style it up or style it down. These have been in trend for generation switch also means that there will be enormous amounts of styles and types available in this particular type of bridal nath. 

Pearl Nath 

pearl nath for brides

These are a fairly new type of nath. Pearls have a traditional charm to them while they still carry a modern contemporary look. The stone of pearl gives a natural glean from within too. The colour of the pearl which is an ivory white also ends up matching the colour scheme of the outfits of most brides. Brides are choosing a more neutral theme nowadays, the pearl nath is lightweight and perfect for their outfits. These are fairly new but have made a place in the hearts of the modern-age bride. This is even a cult favourite for people who are wearing a pastel ensemble to their wedding. 

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Clip-on Nath 

clip-on nath for brides

Comfort and versatility are two of the most important things for the modern bride. If you don’t already have a nose piercing and don’t wish to get one then this clip-on nath trend is perfect for you. The Nath won’t feel heavy or irritate you because it would feel very light-weight. The clip-on nath also ensures to keep your nath in place without letting it constantly slip. Brides, don’t worry because there is nothing that we don’t have a solution for. 

Diamond Studded Nath 

diamond nath for brides

A diamond nath not only looks stunning but also graceful. If you want to look like a million bucks on your wedding, make sure you get a diamond nath to embellish your outfit. These naths are expensive but if you want to ball on a budget then you can even get naths that are made with lab-made diamonds, they have the same look and shine that the real diamonds do and you would also save some big bucks on your wedding jewellery. These naths are usually really small but they give the perfect minimal look to your outfit while still following the tradition. 

Classic Gold Nath 

gold nath for brides

The regal gold nath is a path that only a few brides take. It is the easiest one to style and looks the most opulent. The best thing about this nath is that you could even find your mom’s or grandmother’s nath and wear it for your wedding. This way you could save some money as well as have your dream nath with a history and heritage attached to it. What sounds better than that? A golden nath is perfect and can even be used for other occasions. 

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These bridal naths will guarantee a traditional, regal yet contemporary look to your outfit for your special day. Try them out for yourself and you will love it.