Weddings can be hectic and the preparations can be a little overwhelming. But one task which is more important than any other task is selecting the perfect outfit for your wedding. A wedding dress is one of the most memorable garments a woman will ever wear. Above the wedding invitations, the decorations, the cake, the gown stands out as a symbol of the bride’s personality and an extension of her style. The classic white gown has weathered a lot of changes over the years. Here’s how the white wedding gown has aged like fine wine over the time.

1. The Easy Breezy Bride

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In the 1910s, many brides wore floor-length, floaty dresses in which they could move more easily.

2. Beauty In A Ballgown

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Ballgowns with huge skirts dominated bridal fashion in the 1950s. Bridal wear was all about bouncy and fluffy gowns. But strapless and off-shoulder styles were also in vogue.

3. Shorter, Slimmer And Sartorial

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The voluminous ballgowns made way for slimmer-fitted gowns. Some brides raised the hems of their wedding dresses. Mutton sleeves were also in fashion, and plenty of long-sleeved dresses featured puffy elbows.

4. Bigger Sleeves

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In the 1970s, the sleeves got bigger and puffier. Needless to say, the brides went wild for the trend.

5. Big Sleeves Made Way For Strapless Gowns

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Strapless gowns were not only trendy but also a massive hit amongst the brides.

6. Tighter Dresses Make their Way Into The Scene

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Close-fitting dresses with puffy sleeves became increasingly popular by the late 1980s.

7. Off-Shoulder Dresses Are The Way To Go

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The 1990s brought to fore asymmetrical silhouettes and cuts.

8. A-line Wedding Dresses

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By the 2000s comfortable and flowy A-line dresses were a hot favourite.

9. A Royal Affair

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Kate Middleton brought the sleeves back into the scene with her wedding in 2011.

10. Chic And Trendy

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Meghan Markle chose to keep it simple yet elegant at her wedding.

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