Huda Kattan’s Wishful Skincare Line Launch


We have all been through that dreadful phase in teenage when break-ups and breakouts are a routine of our lives and that was when one of the most thriving makeup moguls in today’s world, that is, Huda Kattan, turned to make up.  “I started wearing makeup because I felt like I needed to get a handle on things. When you’re breaking out, it’s your skin talking to you. It’s pissed off and telling you lay off bitch.” And that’s where the story of her billion-dollar beauty company, Huda Beauty found it’s genesis. 

Huda has been working relentlessly for the last 10 years in the industry and she has very justly established her company synonymous with premium makeup. Mostly her brand focused on makeup and related products but at the beginning of the year, the entrepreneur announced her new venture in the beauty space. Naturally,  we were super stoked and now the day has finally arrived. Huda launched her very first skincare line under the name ‘Wishful’ which makes a lot of sense.

But the fact which is more bemusing is that she found her inspiration for her skincare line from pineapples and a nose job. At first, it surely sounds very whimsical but the beauty guru had some real thought and observations behind it. “After my nose job, I had to go straight back to doing videos, so I juiced a pineapple every single day for five days,” explained Kattan. “When I took the cast off, it almost looked like I hadn’t had my nose done.”

It was in the vital pineapple ingredient, bromelain, that Kattan found her secret potion. “I knew that bromelain, which is in pineapple, is one of the best things for inflammation,” she says. But on the immediate results: “It was crazy.”At first, Kattan began incorporating it into her diet to fight inflammation but quickly decided to add it to her beauty routine. What started as a DIY pineapple mask has now been supercharged into the first product in her new skincare line, the Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub. The scrub is the first launch in the entire line.

Now we are wishful of being blessed with healthy, glowing skin with this amazing launch. Way to go Hoodie!


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