Ask any bride-to-be, what’s going on in her mind several months away from her wedding day. Trust me, each one will give you the same answer — squeezing herself into that ideal dream lehenga of hers. My aspiration was no different from the rest. All I desperately wanted was to get slender while retaining my feminine curves. From those seven am painful exercises to those bland detox diets to going sugar free and finally to abstaining from everything that could come into my way of losing weight, I was prepared to do it all — just for that one day. The thought of love handles showing out of my lehenga would give me nightmares. Ironically this was my motivation and this was what kept me from biting into my favourite dessert. After so much of abstinence and discipline, I nervously weighed myself right one month away from my D day. My happiness knew no bounds as I had reduced seven kgs. And this is what followed:

1. Glowing Skin

The bland detox diet and the innumerable sips of Green tea had worked its magic. My skin wouldn’t stop glowing. My face radiated like an LED even without having washed my face.

2. Perfect Shape To Flaunt

I was all shaped up and I couldn’t wait to flaunt my flat tummy. That was the moment I felt maybe I should have gone for a lehenga that was a little more revealing than the one I had chosen.

3. A Much Better Stamina

As they say, being healthy makes you happy and so I experienced for the first ever time. Even after a long tiring day at work, I would still have the strength left in me to show up for my dance classes, which I otherwise would have made excuses to skip. All thanks to my improved stamina.

4. Jawline And Collar Bone To Die For

I had lost seven kgs of weight and the best thing about it was, it showed right on my face. Not a day passed by without a friend complimenting me on my sharper jawline and my gracefully peeking out collarbone.

5. The Lehenga Woes Still Didn’t End

I was on the moon thinking about how gorgeous my favourite lehenga would look on me because I was so toned up now. All excited, I went to try it out, but alas! The lehenga that I’d been so desperately trying to fit into eventually needed to be stitched up at least two inches tighter now.

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