Ideas To Rock Your Dinner Party

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The festive season is just around the corner and it’s time of the year when you ought to host dinner parties for your friends and family. Be it a quirky poker game party, a fun-filled cards party or an intimate dinner with your close- ones, this is exactly the time to awaken that hostess in you and throw the season’s best dinner party.

Wedding Affair brings some of the best ideas to rock your next dinner party.

1. Dress Code

One of the best and easiest ideas to make your dinner party a success is keeping a fun dress code. Some ideas are, asking everyone to wear traditional clothes, a vibrant colour theme, dressing up as Bollywood/Television characters, a certain kind of cloth print, etc. This is sure to add fun, colour and vibrancy to your party.

2. Table Arrangements

Set-up your dinner table with colourful table cloth. Contrast it with your crockery to give a playful yet simple twist. Arrange small bouquets of flowers on the table for that fresh flowery smell. Keep your table arranged before the guests arrive to give a neat appearance. 


3. Customised Napkins

Everyone likes small gestures directed towards them. Add a personal touch with customised napkins on the dinner table. To make it more interesting, make symbols or pictures depicting each guest on the napkin and keep it with their respective chairs. Leave them guessing which napkin belongs to them and enjoy whilst they figure out. 

4. Theme Menu

Set a theme for your menu. From the starters to the main course to desserts, the entire menu should be of that theme. Even the beverages should be theme-based. You could even match your dresses to your menu to amp up the party and make it the most talked-about and appreciated dinner in town.


5. Quirky Crockery

Serve your food in rather unusual crockery to add some excitement to the party. Serve tea/coffee in printed or hand-painted kettle and glasses just like it is served on ‘chai ki tapri’. Use bulb-shaped glass containers for beverages or solid colour plates. 


These ideas are sure to make your guests go all gaga over your dinner party.

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