Important Points to Consider While Selecting a Wedding Venue

Deciding on a venue for your marriage can be an overwhelming task. The venue sets the tone of your whole wedding celebration. It helps you in setting up the theme and the vibe of your celebration. It helps in making your wedding an unforgettable affair.
Wedding venues are of various kinds and at various locations. Each venue has its own set of merits and demerits. They all have different styles and structures. So, finding a venue suitable for you can become quite a confusing chore.
Given below are some important points which will make your quest for selecting a perfect venue of your choice can become easier.
1. Location of the Venue
It is an extremely important point to consider. Your venue should be at a location of your choice. For example- Many people dream of a beach wedding, so your wedding venue should be a place near the beach. Also, make sure that your venue is easy to locate for your guests.
A beautiful beach wedding venue
2. Size of the Venue
This should depend on the number of guests and staff that will be present on the day of the wedding. The size of your venue should be large enough to house all your guests without making it suffocating or too crowded. Also, you should check if proper ventilation and fire escapes are present at the venue or not.
3. Weather
Your venue should be selected according to the weather/ season on your wedding day. In case you are having a wedding in the month of August or September in India, then a closed venue would be suitable as the chances of rain are very high during these months.
If you don’t select the venue according to the weather, it can cause major problems on your big day.
4. Catering service and Food Quality
Food is one of the most important parts of the wedding, in fact, it is usually one of the factors for which your guests will remember your wedding for a long time. Some venues have in-house caterers and chefs who offer to cater for the wedding should be properly vetted before confirmation. You should personally try the food to ensure its taste and quality.
Always check the quality of food before confirming the location
5. Amenities and Services
If you are planning a destination wedding then the chances are that you will stay in the hotel or someplace else along with your guests. Many venues offer accommodations as well. These kinds of services make a venue ideal for the wedding.
Also, if you are having a wedding where the guests will reach via cars or any other vehicle then make sure that the venue has enough parking space and valet services.
6. Ambiance
Every bride-groom wants the best possible picture from their wedding. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a place that has good ambiance and décor. Try finding a venue with good natural lighting and décor which matches your theme and color palette. You can also keep in mind the spots where you can get good pictures for your wedding album.
The venue should have a good ambiance and natural lighting
7. Restrictions
Some venues have certain restrictions like no smoking or drinking or only offering vegetarian food etc. Some venues even have a specific number of guest policies. These kinds of restrictions can put a hamper on your celebrations if you are not aware of them. So, it is best to know about the venue policies and regulations beforehand.
8. Budget
Last but certainly not least, one should always keep their budget in mind while deciding on a wedding venue. You should never ignore it and always be mindful of it.
Sometimes, people choose a venue that is way out of their budget and end up regretting it.
In conclusion, your wedding venue should be the one that overall elevates your wedding and makes it an affair to remember. It should not cause you any worries or extra stress. The above-mentioned points should always be kept in mind while choosing a wedding venue so as to avoid last-minute stress and to have a wedding of a lifetime!