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RETRO Fashion is the trend of the season. The 1980s and 1990s have been significant decades in popularizing and propagating a ‘fashion culture’. The fashion consumers made it a point to look up to their fashion icons in the glossy, scented magazines, and their television sets to gather fashion inspiration.

In the 80s and the 90s, the pop-culture bloomed, and the women became more career-oriented: therefore, both the hip-hop culture-inspired clothing and the clothing designed for working women, saw a surge. It is evident in the following social and pop culture icons, from which you can still draw fashion inspirations –

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Boxy Blazer

Sarah Jessica ParkerEveryone has noticed the influx of shoulder-padded, over-sized and boxy blazers in today’s fashion scenario. But many believe it to be only a recent phenomenon. However, with the power-suiting trend in the 80s and 90s, blazers also became popular as items of street-wear. This was mainly because of the immense popularity of Sarah Jessica Parker’s casual outings in blazers paired with sneakers and boyfriend jeans.

Jennifer Aniston’s Iconic Rachel Styles

Jennifer AnistonFriends defined most of the popular fashion of the 90s era. The most important style icon even among them was Rachel Green. She introduced checkered pants, milkmaid tops and denim overalls in the popular culture, and these styles have seen a rebirth in this decade as well. Rachel Green will never be out of style, that is for sure.

Cindy Crawford’s Laid-Back Sexy

Cindy CrawfordEvery girl’s go-to style today definitely consists of a pair of hoop earrings, high waist denim bottoms and a white body-con top. Guess when it first went viral? It was in 1993 when Cindy Crawford acted in a Pepsi ad and defined what basics can do to ooze your sex appeal.

Princess Diana’s Colourful Polka Dots

Princess DianaLady Di was undoubtedly the most stylish royal ever. People loved her for her kindness, charity and her beautiful heart. Whatever she wore became an icon. The colours and patterns she chose for her royal outings are making a come-back even now.

Victoria Beckham’s Bodycon Dresses

Victoria BeckhamOne of the most stylish women of the 90s, Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham was known for her bodycon dresses back in the day. But know what’s not changed even today? Her sculpted body that can slip into bodycon as beautifully as flared pants. Remember if you love our fashionistas today for pulling off flatforms, LBDs and denim on denim, these were 90’s trends Victoria had already slain long ago.

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