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Dollar Gill

What’s the grandeur of Indian wedding bells if the bride does not give exceptionally blindsiding makeup goals for her pals and guests? Indian bridal makeup is hardly one look fits all; the sheer number of cultures within our country call for different looks for every type of wedding. While many Indian brides tend to play up their eye makeup with a thick stroke of kohl, an outfit matching eyeshadow, and a pink or red shade on their lips to finish off, there are numerous variations they can create with the N-number of makeup products. While South-Indian brides opt for minimal makeup adorning their length of locks with real flowers, Bengali brides accentuate their eyes, along with intricate forehead art in white and red colours using sandalwood paste as part of their wedding makeup. 

Maharashtrian brides love to stick to simplicity with even skin, kohl on their upper and lower lash lines and a bright red lip, not taking any attention away from their traditional nosepin; Punajbi and Sikh brides choose smoky, kohl-rimmed eyes with dramatic lashes and go with soft pink hues for the rest of their bridal face. Different communities, different bridal stories with their wed-day looks, all pivot round the fact that bridal makeups need to be classic, putting trendsetting fashion statements on the wedlock fashion forum. Here are some amazing Indian bridal makeup artists with their tips to make sure that brides rule their wedding day without changing their skin tone, but evening it out with a real glamorous finish. 


Aakriti Kochar

Treating every bride -to-be as a special subject, she offers them once in a lifetime transformation that makes their biggest day the most unforgettable one. She suggests that summer weddings are full of pleasures but melting makeup, sliding eyeliner, and sticky lipstick are not among them. For makeup to be sweat free, target to make it long lasting. Wearing a hydrating or oil free primer as an underbase to bridal makeup is essential. Use powder shadows and blushes to avoid sweat caused generally by cream and gel based shadow products. Use a non smudge or waterproof liner so that it does not drip off if the bride sweats. Making the lipsticks last longer, dab some concealer and powder to create a base on lips. 

Ambika Pillai

Her creations extend internationally and brides can achieve a truly admirable look on their wedding day under her experience. Pillai advocates that translucent application, which ensures a naturally beautiful bride is key to a good bridal makeup routine. Instead of slapping on layers of concealer, one must use it for what its function really is – concealing spots or marks, like scars, etc. For the Hindu brides who extensively wear heavy jewellery, the metallic finish for the eye is gorgeous. Showing off bold and black lashes is complimentary, so using a curler and putting on some good old mascara is the need. 

Chalo Garcia

Bianca Louzado

She catches the heart of each bride because of her captivating hair and makeup styles. Her advice for a bride-to-be is not to heed any advice from people who want the bride to undergo 101 beauty treatments. These could cause sudden breakouts, which will be difficult to conceal on the wedding day. Instead she suggests, the bride take her vitamins, workout and keep up to a great diet for the perfect look on her special day. To create a dewy look, she suggests mixing beauty elixirs with foundation and keeping a fresh, flawless luminous skin for a signature style statement. 

Jharna Shah

The reflection of the “princess in love” will be seen in the scenario through her bridal makeup. As the bride commences her journey, she is ready to give her the perfect route suited to her features. She advises that wedding day makeup should not be reserved just to the face, but rather should extend to the neck and even the shoulders and arms. Nude and pale palettes may seem classy, but for wedding photography and lights, brighter shades will bring out the emotions of the brides. It is also necessary that brides have at least an hour or two for the makeup procedure to go on, and another hour for it to settle into the skin, and working on the features is important for the overall magic. 


Vidya Tikari

If brides are looking for a makeup artist who can transform them by simple manner, Vidya Tikari is the suited one for them. She suggests that three go-to products in a bridal vanity bag are must – a great full coverage foundation, a smudge-proof lipstick in classic shades and a really awesome highlighter. The trick is to find a product that is the closest to a bride’s skin tone, so instead of testing out a shade on the wrist or arm, apply it on the bride’s face to get a better idea. The perfect foundation should blend on so well that it disappears on her skin. 

Keep these healthy packages of tips for your ultimate day, brides! Let the best of your pulchritude flow out as you give way to a new turning point of your life with all that pomp and splendour. 

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