Indian destinations for thrilling aerial adventure


bungee jumpHave you ever felt the thrill of a kid who has the free spirit to fall from wherever, yet he feels on top of the world? A contradiction? You bet! It is the feeling of total abandonment, of the world whizzing past and you leaving it behind. If you are an adventure junkie and want to experience this super feeling of liberation and of jumping off into the open space as a bird set free, what are you waiting for? Take your beloved with you and live it! Bungee jumping beckons you. There are many locations in India that offer this sport and doing it together would be a lot of fun.

Goa – If you love birds are spending some time in Goa it would be great to check out the Gravity Adventure Zone which is located near the Anjuna beach, a popular tourist destination. It offers bungee jumps and has set up a permanent 25 metres high tower for bungee jumping. The cost is around Rs.500/- per jump. Since the jumping platform is not really high, you can always choose Gravity Zone to be your first bungee jumping location.

Rishikesh – Travel to Rishikesh in the north and you will learn about a village called Mohan Chatti. It is one of the most popular and preferred places for bungee jumping. It is unique in the sense that it offers you a fixed platform to jump from. The rocky cliff there has a cantilever platform 83 metres above ground level. This makes it one of the highest and most thrilling locations for this sport. It has safety measures and is known for its experienced staff. The cost could be around Rs. 2500/- per jump but it is said that it is totally worth it. Watch her yell and cling to you tight as you share these wonderful moments.

Lonavala – Lonavala is a Maharashtrian state known for its greenery and hills. It has a famous adventure park called Della Adventures, which is a popular bungee jumping spot for people of the western part of India. The platform is at the height of 45 meters and the leap you take will last for about four to five minutes. It is suitable for all adults and young adults, in short, anyone above 10 years of age can try it. Each jump will cost around Rs.1500/- but it would be worth it to do it together in closeness and intimacy which is priceless.

Bangalore – In south of India, Bangalore-the tech city of youngsters, offers bungee jumping at a location called Ozone. Ozone Adventures is also one of the most popular bungee jumping locations in India. Here bungee jumping is conducted from the height of 80 feet above the ground and unlike other locations, there is no fixed platform. The entire equipment is fastened to a 130-ft-high mobile crane. You can enjoy this adrenaline pumping experience here. Safety is given utmost preference, but do remember that bungee jumping from cranes is not considered as safe as jumping from fixed platforms.

Delhi – Closer to home in Delhi, bungee jumping facilities are provided by Wanderlust in the Garden of Five Senses. You have to check availability on the dates you want and fill out a booking form available online. The staff at Wanderlust is trained in Germany and operates with German technology and equipment. It offers crane jumps from 130 ft above the ground level. So all the Brave hearts what are you waiting for-Xmas?

Wherever you decide to go, it is sure to bring about a transformation in your personality. You gather your guts, take control of your fear and just do it. Once you have done it you will have moments of togetherness to cherish and also something to be proud of and something to brag about! Take the plunge! Don’t sit on it.