Indoor Holiday Games for Couples


Holidays are here! Christmas is just in the corner. New Year approaches soon after! So, today you don’t feel like not doing anything? Don’t wanna lay in your bed? Then, just get around and spend some quality time with your partner. Come on! Quarantine doesn’t need to be only about staying safe indoors and sulking about how you miss going out and having a good time. Count your blessings. Take this opportunity to nourish your relationship with love and laughter. That’s what you promised, right? ‘To love and cherish, till death do us part’. The let us fight this global pandemic together by creating little nooks of happiness at our homes. Wedding Affair recommends playing these games with your partner to keep that spark alive and growing. Enjoy your holidays to the fullest with these games!

Q&A Games

Couple quizzes like 21 questions and compatibility quizzes are always fun. One always discovers something new about their significant other every time these quizzes are taken. Sensible questions and candle-lit diners can truly add to the fervour of your

Getting Creative

Use each other’s bodies as a canvas and make use of eatables such as chocolate syrups and other aphrodisiacs to paint each other. It is fun foreplay to kick off a steamy session later. However, you can also use organic paints to actually create masterpieces on each other’s body.

Strip Tease Games

Another fun game that couples will definitely enjoy! Remember when ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ plates strip poker? Isn’t it one of our favourites? Imagine playing this game with your partner. It will smooth and fun as well.

Treasure Hunt

This game is super easy and super fun! Leave some cute notes to guide your partner towards the final fantastic treat you have planned for them. Just like a treasure hunt, but maybe only better!

Copycat Movie

There are a lot of things you can do while watching a movie. Pick a movie that you’ve already watched and loved (because you must concentrate on the movie if its a new one). Then re-enact the scenes. Or pick a word, whenever it is used, you must kiss….and so on…!

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