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Drawing an indulgent bath and luxuriating in the relaxing is literally one of the best things one can do to de-stress during these tough times. Especially for the bride, relaxation in the rich and cooling beauty products can prove such a relief from the regular pre-wedding stress. Hence, these luxurious products can prove to be such a blessing in your regular day-to-day life. Therefore, Wedding Affair puts together a list of all the rich and relaxing bathing products for the bride-to-be or anyone wanting to de-stress. Take a look at these beautiful products and invest in drawing som self-care baths for yourself! 

natureofthings Restorative Floral Bath

Neiman Marcus

Plumeria, jasmine and vetiver create a heady bouquet while velvety emollients like shea butter and green tea oil envelope the skin, replenishing its natural moisture barrier. Detoxifying mineral-charged seawater reduces pore size, hops extract works to boost oxytocin and capsicum pepper helps ease muscle tension. Malachite and quartz extracts are believed to have energy-clearing properties. Inhale deeply to enjoy additional aromatherapeutic benefits. Natureofthings is a modern wellness house rooted in enduring wisdom. They believe that health is harmony. It’s synchronicity of body, mind and the natural world. Indulge in true bathing luxury with this product. (Source: natureofthings)

Fur Bath Drops

The Zoe Report

Introducing a better way to bathe. These seaweed-encased bath beads contain our signature Fur Oil and a blend of softening oils. They dissolve easily in warm water and gently nourish your skin, leaving you silky soft and relaxed. Unlike the bath beads of the 90s, which were produced with gelatin casings, Bath Drops contain absolutely zero animal products and are made with clean ingredients. Bathing was never this clean. Drop two to three into your bath for a replenishing soak. Feel free to use Bath Drops as often as you need—whenever your skin feels a little dry, or when you need to take a moment for yourself. (Source: furyou)

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Foaming Shower Gel

Mike Mignola

This foaming shower gel leaves skin lightly scented with the irresistibly sexy, irrepressibly spirited fragrance of COCO MADEMOISELLE. Vibrant notes of Orange mingle with the transparency of Rose and the elegance of Patchouli. In contact with water, the light, peach-hued gel transforms into a fine lather. (Source: CHANEL)

OUAI Chill Pills


Going through it? There’s a pill for that. Draw a bath with OUAI’s scented fizzy moisturizing tablet. Add to warm bath water for a relaxing, skin-nourishing, cleansing experience. Its fragrance is that of light yet romantic blend of jasmine and rose that you won’t be able to resist. The customers speak for the product. “Never knew how much I needed this bath bomb until I tried it. The smell is absolutely amazing, it’s relaxing and I instantly felt calm. I’m not really a bath person but leave it to the Ouai team to change me!!” says Jennifer H, a verified buyer. (Source: The Ouai)

Goop “The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak


The product is rich in Himalayan pink salt and chia seed oil. The prime benefits of this luxurious product include the following. One, it takes the edge off during turbulent times (or after a crazy day). Also, it claims to centre the body and spirit. With that, it also helps to relax the neck and shoulders, where stress tends to build-up. There are three cups of bath soak in every bag—which means 3 amazing baths, all for you. at goop, the team believes in making every choice count, which is why they have always been outspoken about the toxic ingredients used in personal care and beauty products (all are effectively unregulated in this country). They’re also passionate about the idea that beauty comes from the inside out. (Source: goop)

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