Infidelity – A Curse to Love and Relationships



They say infidelity is not always physical but is the “emotional quotient” and the amount of certain “dependency” level which we tend to give  to someone else apart from our special one. It is something way more complicated and difficult to deal with.  Cheating varies and differ person to person as it is subjective. And this difference, tend to become a major issue in a relationship.


Majority of people are emotionally unbalanced and are insecure about their feelings and consider sharing their thoughts and vision of expression with someone else apart from their partners.  “Someone else” might be a best friend or an ex boyfriend/girlfriend.  But a thought or an unusual attachment with an another person is considered cheating for few and some are satisfied with it. Ironically, few consider being friends with different gender as a boon, as it helps them to deal with the psychic of their partners and live up to their expectations.

Trust and comfort zones

Men and women have assorted and diverse expectations from one another. When these thoughts clash and fall apart, it effects and results into trust issues. People fail to understand the requirements and necessities of their partners and sooner or later end up cheating on each other. It is vital and the most basic part to build a strong bond between the two so that both the people are able to cross hurdles and obstacles like infidelity together. Giving each other their personal space and creating an aura of self-reliance will definitely help to create comfort zone in a relationship.


Conversation and communication with your beloved acts as a strong wall for all the negative and unfaithful acts in a relationship. Lack of words and quality time makes a relation vulnerable and weak. They say one should always focus on quality and not on quantity. It’s very important to know the kind of words one uses for his/her partner during a conversation. Filthy and awful language, fights and double meaning conversation is a sign of a bad relationship. These problems play a major role to allure someone of opposite gender.  Infidelity happens to be a major result of communication gap. It is not important to talk every time and everywhere to your consort but little empathy and attention is a must for a healthy and a fruitful relation.

Attraction and Attention

It is important to generate and create a sense of sensuality and alluring element in a healthy relation. Sexual intimacy and healthy sex life succor a balance between a woman and a man. Healthy flirting, naughty talks, exciting foreplay and sensual touch create an intangible bond between the two which emits love as a result. But disappearance of these factors make especially, a man attracted towards a different woman. Absence of physical intercourse give rise to infidelity. To assert and maintain the spark in a relationship, it is important to be attractive and up to the mark to live up to your beloved’s expectation.

“Infidelity is a curse.” don’t let this ruin or effect your relation in any form.