Innisfree to the rescue: few products to treat your acne-prone skin


There are remedies that you can opt for in terms of skincare routine, but here we have one of the best Korean skincare brands that will take care of your acne for good. Listed below are a few best products from the Innisfree range.

Innisfree Green tea serum


Are you girls fed up with searching for a good and flawless serum for your acne-prone skin? Well, if you are then we would say that the green tea serum from the acne-prone range of Innisfree will give all glowing skin with fewer blemishes. Acne breakouts do put you off, but once you start using this serum twice a day before applying your sunscreen and lotion, you’ll see the change. The lightweight essence of this hydrating serum gives us flawless-looking skin.

Innisfree Bija trouble skin toner

As mentioned above, we know that how useful is the hydrating green tea serum for acne-prone skin, likewise it is always suggested to have a cleansing toner once you wash your face thoroughly. Take a little piece of cotton and pour some of that toner and gently rub it on your face. This toner is a perfect ingredient to wash away dirt and remove the excess oil from your skin, making it look all glowing and preventing it from acne spots.

Innisfree Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam

Coming to the most important product is that of the Jeju foam cleanser from Innisfree. While we focus on maintaining acne-prone skin then the Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam will help you refresh your skin and get rid of any unwanted impurities. It is suitable for normal to oily skin, so no nothing to worry about there.

Pore cleansing clay mask


This clay mask is one of the products at Innisfree, especially while we discuss products for acne-prone skin. This clay mask exfoliates your skin, removes excess oil, and prevents your face from inviting acne breakouts. You can also try it out for specific areas only if not the full face.

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