Innovative Weddings While Maintaining Social Distancing

Wedding Forward

Love could never be contained by anything. Let alone COVID – 19.  Amidst all the social distancing and quarantine going around the world, couples who had decided to get married this year faced a major setback. But then there a few who refused to give up to the situation and their love shone brightly. Yes! A lot of couples did get married during this time, without breaking the rules of quarantine. Wedding Affair picks up some of the most innovative weddings around the globe, during this period.

A Toilet Paper Wedding Cake

WSB-TV Atlanta

Jessica and Tim Wiedner were scheduled to get married in Destin in April. Wiedner said that when the couple realized they’d have to call the wedding off, friends recommended having some fun with it and doing the wedding at home. The couple got a “drive-by” photoshoot and held the ceremony in their yard, complete with a toilet paper cake, stuffed animals for guests and a kiddie pool as their own private beach. 

A Porch Wedding In Ukrainian Village

Christy and John Sims stood on their front porch in Ukrainian Village and exchanged vows in a simple ceremony on March 14. They were joined by immediate family members and their best friend, who officiated. Their dog, Althea, posed for a photo, as reported by Book Club Chicago.

Cardboard Guests

Dan Stuglik and Amy Simonson, as reported by WMBF News, will have some guests at the church in person, but most will be there via cardboard on the wedding day owing to the COVID-19 situation.

Popabot For The Bride’s Father


As had reported, a young couple in Arizona located a remote-controlled robot, popped a tie on it, and dubbed it “Popabot”. Joel Young, the bride’s father, attended the wedding from miles away through the robot, whose movement and vision he controlled. “You meet a challenge, you find the best solution you can. And you accept what it is, and you move on,” he said.