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Apart from the auspicious wedding ceremonies, exceptional food is what the guests at the wedding look forward to. To help you add even more grandeur of your wedding feast, Shiv Fruit Mart provides its exceptional services in the outdoor fruit catering business. Savour your guests with an exotic selection of high-class Indian and imported fresh fruits and concept stalls with Shiv Fruit Mart’s many decades of experience in fruit catering for weddings, anniversaries, Annual General Meetings and kitty parties etc.

Shiv Fruit Mart provides you with concept fruit stalls such as fruits on the grill and unique fruit-cuts to distinguish its services from any mundane fruit stall at the weddings. With a choice selection of fruits from Chikoo, Litchi, Jamun, and Figs to imported ones like Honey Pamelo, Kimia Dates and Thai Guavas, Shiv Fruit Mart’ stall becomes the appropriate choice for the guests searching respite from the sumptuous wedding food and those health freaks who crave, enjoy and love healthy food.

Established in the 1940s, the Shiv Fruit Mart has been raised to its glory by the Bhasin brothers, who have gained and enriched their business with decades of experience. Thus, the quality assurance from their services comes without a doubt. Shiv Fruit Mart’s business spreads across Delhi NCR helping its clients arrange the best feasts for their guests at a variety of events to be catered to. With people leaning towards new concepts for their food, Shiv Fruit Mart’s services have only grown and expanded towards the health conscious segment of people who want more than just cut fruits to satiate their cravings.

Book Shiv Fruit Mart’s catering service for your wedding feast now! Visit their site Let them take-over the fruits’ stalls at your wedding and be assured of some Insta-worthy wedding food moments at your feast.

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