Intimacy: Trusting oneself and the other


Though the word intimacy has different meanings, it is called “a cosy, private or relaxed atmosphere” or just a mere “sexual intercourse”. There are 5 initial stages of intimacy!! Get to know, where you are!


It’s an intense but short-lived passion for someone. It could be OMG!! I’ve found the love of my life!! Can’t wait to marry him!! He is great in bed etc. etc.

So, the sweet stage is wonderful and difficult to resist but then comes the negotiation between security and freedom, life and relationship struggle crawls in and we begin to land.


Bloody moron!! Psychopath idiot!! No sense of humour!! It’s the realization that the honeymoon period is finished and the landing is discomforting. It is correctly stated that, “the day you wake up and say you have married the wrong person is the day, that your marriage truly begins”.


During the burying stage, other things—like, oh, life—begin to encroach on your beautiful oasis of a relationship. Burying is not always bad; it’s a sign that the relationship is real and weaves into your everyday existence. The important thing to remember here is to “unbury” yourselves. Take some lessons, go relive your first date, buy some sex toys, tie yourselves to bedposts, or grab the whips. Do something that allows real life to take a break and the gentle, sweet intimacy to rejuvenate, bringing us to the next stage.


It is the stage where you turn to your partner, and say to yourself, “Wow. I forgot how hot he is,” or, “She is stunning,” or, “I love him so much.” Rejuvenation is a relationship resolution: “She is a mixed bag, but so am I,” or “He sits on the toilet for an hour reading comics, but I pluck my chin hairs.” You start thinking things like, “I can’t wait for our next date,” or, “I can’t believe I have such a sweet person in my life who always has my back.” A massive problem that you two resolved, a great date, an especially good night of sex, almost losing the other person, or good couple’s therapy can all prove rejuvenating.


This is what it’s really all about, right? The part where we fight over the bed’s side and imagine the best times “Oh, I have really got it,” “I’m lucky”. “Here, the sex is (usually) better than it’s ever been, but what love supports in bad times.

Although there are no such typical girls and hence every relationship goes through such intimacy stages. And just like with the grief, these stages do not always happen in the same and particular order.

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