Keep this in mind while planning a wedding amidst second wave


Due to the lockdown owing to the second wave of COVID 19, there have been many restrictions for wedding and again people have to compromise on their big day with an intimate function. Since all are at a risk of contracting the virus, you have to make sure that each and every covid protocol has been followed meticulously provided by the state government and plan accordingly. Here’s how to plan a safe and joyous intimate wedding amid the COVID 19 second wave.


Remember guidelines

Make sure you have a thorough knowledge of government guidelines specific to a region. Be it the exact number of people that can assemble, lockdown protocols about movement of people or vehicles or announcements that are updated by authorities on a daily basis, do not make plans that cannot be executed given the times we are living in.

Venue, guest list and sanitisation process

Make a guest list and select a venue suitable to the circumstances, the scale of the event and the gathering. Make certain that the venue you have chosen is adhering to the requisite sanitisation protocols and is working in compliance with food safety norms. To ensure maximum safety, you can also hire an external agency to sanitise the venue thoroughly.


Add your own touch

A smaller wedding gives you the opportunity to personalise your special day by imprinting it with your personality. Choose themes, decor ideas and gifting solutions that represent you in all your authenticity. Also make sure your budget matches your expectations from the decor.

Take efforts for sanitisation

Do your bit to protect your guests by offering them sanitisation kits with masks and other safety essentials. Also install a sanitisation station at the entrance with hand sanitisers and a note about safety protocols and social distancing rules.

Arrange a sanitised bubble

Create a bio-bubble which means that everyone (family members and guests) who has been marked safe from COVID-19 stays in a space that is sealed against infection. The core wedding team, including designers, planners, photographers, makeup artists or anyone who has to stay in contact with you or the guests, must also stay safe in a sanitised bubble during the celebrations. With the numbers of guests coming down, it is more affordable to create such bubbles right at a venue.

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