Is Your Bestie Getting Hitched? Here Are 5 Options To Surprise Her


Your best friend is about to get married soon but you still haven’t decided what you’re going to gift her on her special day. We all know that gift shopping is a tedious task, especially when if there’s nothing in the mind that what would be the best gift for her. As a bestie, it’s your duty to give her something that’s extraordinary and remarkable and will be cherished by her always.

1) Polaroid Camera

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We all know what photographs do to make our moments unforgettable for life. A Polaroid camera is the best option for your bestie to give. With its instant photographic capacity, it will become her favourite instantly. With this gift, your bestie will thank you always with every picture she’ll take.

2) Personalised Wedding Wine/Beer Box

If your bestie loves alcohol then gifting her wine or beer box won’t be a bad idea. Maybe her husband will also thank you for this gift.

3) Old Havana Dinner Plate Set


Old Havana is fine piece stoneware made in Portugal; it provides the coloured plates with a rich shiny finish.

4) Personalised Makeup Bouquet


Well, who wouldn’t love a personalised set of makeup? Gift your bestie her favourite essential makeup items that she adores and see her happy face after that.

5) Spa Treatment

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Gifting your bestie an appointment to her favourite spa treatment would be the best present ever. Only she knows how tired she will be after the pre and post wedding rituals and incessant photo sessions. Gifting her a spa treatment will make her feel relaxed.

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