It’s All About Coral This Wedding Season

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2019 was all about Pantone colour of the year, coral. From the runway to the makeup trends, everything revolved around this soft, beautiful colour. When the world was busy adapting coral as the colour of the year, our Indian wedding planners didn’t stay behind. The year saw the coral colour dominating the weddings; right from the mandap to the decorations and ensembles of the bride and groom. 

Here is how people incorporated the enchanting coral colour that is total inspiration if you are looking for something like this. 

1. The Mandap

Mandap setting looks heavenly when drenched in coral flowers. The colour highlights when paired with shades of pink, orange and white. Nothing matches the beauty of the ceremonial place. 

2. The Bride And The Groom

The coral colour looks ethereal on the bride and the groom as well. And what better if the couple colour coordinates their wedding outfits. 

3. The Wedding Decor 

Incorporate a set of coral flowers on the table as the centrepiece, drapes behind the main stage, the table and chairs covered with coral cloth, go monotone or experiment pairing it with different colours. No matter which way you choose, it is going to look absolutely heavenly. 

4. The Kaleere

The combination of gold and coral is fantastic. Brides have incorporated real and artificial coral flowers in their kaleeres and totally rocked the look. 

5. The Varmala 

Gone are the days when the couple opted for a traditional varmala of red roses. They are now experimenting and one of the main colour is coral. It looks beautiful and colourful as you put the varmala on your partner. 

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