Its all about the beards for a handsome guy


                      Its all About The Beards for a handsome guy

Men, it’s time you embrace your beard because that is probably the only accessory you’ll need to win the girl pat down and give you that much needed ‘oomph’ factor. Be comfortable with your manhood and know that there is conclusive evidence that a majority of females find men with beards more attractive and central to a man’s virility. Now who needs to dress to the nines when you have got a perfect mustachio to parade?

Growing a beard requires grit and commitment

shahid-2592015Now now, growing a beard which makes the other guys begrudge you and girls swoon, you require sheer stoicism. It is not like you sleep one day and wake up with a full grown beard the next. When you see a man with a full-grown beard, you know he made the decision to be bearded and stuck to his guns.

Beard growth is genetically determined and there is not much anyone can do other than to accept what they’ve been given. Not everybody is genetically bestowed to sport a full grown sexy AF beard but if you are then you owe it to yourself to grow it out at least once during your lifetime. You never know, you might just fall in love with the grungy look.

Stop shaving and start growing

Trendy-Men’s-Beard-Styles-2015-14The best suited time to test your anomalies and swing in a little change is vacations. It is an unusual impetus but nevertheless does the job of confidence boost. But don’t be overly concerned about other people’s potential reactions to your new beard.

When starting to let your beard grow, just stop shaving completely. Do not shave at all for at least the first four weeks of growth. One of the most common errors is to attempt to start shaping or sculpting the beard too early in the process. If you don’t wait, you might cut off more than you really want. After four weeks, you can start shaping the beard.

Designing a neck line or cheek line for your full beard

7445edc437d04d39e219e19ea43516bfThe “cheek line”, the upper limit of the beard on the cheeks, is best left natural. Unless, your beard appears to be starting just below your eyes, you probably are better off not shaving or sculpting it.

Don’t let itching deter you! Keep your skin clean by daily shampooing it. If you happen to need more relief then try baby oil or moisturizing lotion to the affected areas.

Trimming a beard

Beard-Heading_3428994bIf you’re going to trim the beard yourself, you’ll need the right tools. Professional barber’s scissors or rechargeable cordless trimmers are your best bets for doing the trimming all by yourself.  Do not trim a wet beard or moustache. Wet hair is longer. When it dries you may find that you’ve trimmed too much.

Keeping a beard clean

Beard1Wash and shampoo your beard regularly because nothing tops hygiene. After shampooing you may use a conditioner. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly. Failure to rinse may result in flaking. Pat and wipe your beard dry with a towel. Avoid blow drying. Comb your beard and moustache with a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles.

So to all the men out there, let your beard grow because it is no longer the ‘No Shave November’ but ‘No Shave Forever’.