It’s the Haath Phool Supremacy for Us!


One can never stop talking about jewelry. It’s literally something to die for. And when this something is a must-have at your wedding, the list could go on and on. Today we will be talking about an interesting piece of accessories – the haath phool. These are the ornaments that are designed for your hands, wherein some layers of stones are fixed on thin strings which have a ring at one end, and a bracelet or a bangle at the other. Usually, these are in floral designs, thus the name haath phool. Haath is the hand, and phool means a flower. Let us have a look at our ultimate picks –

  1. Fairy Haath Phool
Almost angelic – fairy haath phool.

Similar to the designs of fairy lights, this type of haath phool is mostly seen on women with delicate choices. Serving the right amount of elegance, fairy haath phool looks immensely beautiful when paired with equally intricate traditional outfits. Some brides tend to choose this one for lighter events like haldi or mehndi ceremony, rather than going for the wedding directly. If you are choosing this one, make sure that the complementary jewelry is also crafted in a similar fashion.

  1. Simplistic
Single layered minimalistic haath phool.

Ladies preferring subtle jewelry pieces, do not worry, we got you. We understand if you do not wish to go for embellished bijouterie and that you want it to be low-key. It doesn’t always have to be all flashy and blingy. The perfect pick for you is a single-layered exquisite haath phool, just like the one displayed above. This is a no-brainer if you are a modest lover. Try these with organza sarees, or chikankari suits, and there you are, an absolute walking piece of grace.

  1. Pearls
Mesmerizing Pearl haath phool.

Pearls should be named the ultimate wedding must have globally. They have that sheeny touch that can immediately accentuate the beauty of your outfit. Pearl haath phools have one or multiple layers of pearl strings attached to one broad band or bangle that sits on your wrist. To make the best out of these, pair the pearl haath phool with white, ivory, or off-white attires. This creates a monochrome chic look that is hard to fail.

  1. Gol Patti
In love with this gol patti haath phool.

Moving towards the heavier variants, gol patti haath phools are something we constantly drool over. While these were originally picked up from the costumes of ancient dances of South India, there is no doubt that gol pattis look stunning when paired right. Unlike others that have thin layers of bijoux, this one has one or more huge circles that are gilded with gemstones that sit on the back of your hand, around the knuckles. Opt for this one if you want to revamp your hands.

  1. Kundan Haath Phool
Kundan haath phool.

Kundan is an uncut diamond that is as graceful as the polished ones. Neckpieces and headgears made out of Kundan have already captured their share of the market, and now it is time for some hand jewelry. Kundan haath phools are captivating pieces that come in various shapes and sizes, depending upon the size of the diamond. These carry substantial weight and look dazzling if, worn with a gold-themed outfit. Brides searching for an all-in-all piece to complete their trousseau should definitely go for this one.

  1. Jhaalar Phool
What a beautiful piece of Jhaalar haath phool.

Jhaalar means chandelier, and we know what vibe that gives us – falling layers of trinkets designed to cover all the dullness around. Jhaalar haath phool looks royal as they serve that embroidered regalia vibe. Many Bollywood celebrities too have chosen these ones to complete their ultimate bride look. A charming piece that goes with any event couture, jhaalars are ruling the wedding world.

  1. Multi-Layered Haath Phool
A gorgeous multi-layered haath phool.

If nothing above satisfies you, we ask you to mix them all up. With finesse, of course. Multi-layered haath phools, as the name suggests, have multiple precious stone layers in them that connect the ring on the finger with the bangle on the wrist. These come in many variations where pearls and kundans are mixed, or fairies and jhaalars are combined, etc. If you are looking to make a bold statement with your magnificent matrimonial look, close your eyes, and pick this one right away.