It’s Your Wedding, Make it Grand!


They say that the first impression is also the last, and entering your wedding venue on the day of the wedding would also count as a first. And we do not want to mess up our firsts! In recent times, families and couples have been focusing on creating a glorious sight at the moment when they set their foot into the venue. This could be done separately for the bride and the groom, or together as one unit. We have our ultimate picks for making a pomp arrival –

  1. Lights and Fireworks
One of a kind arrival amidst the fireworks.

Probably one of the most common trends these days is to have a lights and fireworks session going on while you make a majestic entry into the venue with your partner. And we, truly support it. There is no denying that the added sparks in your way brighten things up in the right proportion. But you really need to be safe as this could turn into something that nobody wishes to anticipate. Maintain a secure distance from all the fireworks happening in the backdrop and rehearse the sequence multiple times. Couples can go for brocade crowns comets if they want to make it large, or time-rain and waterfall if it is all about the bling!

  1. Colour Bombing
Colors of love.

Well, most couples prefer this one in their haldi and sangeet ceremony, but it’s alright you can merge this one in any event of your choice. Imagine a view where colors are flying all around, and it’s just you and your hubby walking and talking in the middle, while everybody awaits your auspicious wedlock ceremony. Dreamy, isn’t it? Variants of colors and color bombs are available in the market and are also provided by the event planners. You could go for the ones that suit the theme of your wedding, or you could opt for a color block.

  1. Aura of Automobiles
A couple entering the venue in a vintage car.

Want to make it royal? Automobiles are the answer. Vintage cars and full-size cars have been gaining popularity recently and are the top picks for the weddings of the nobles. This is also a suitable option if you wish to tie the knot in the vast sands, or a castle is your destination. Rolls Royce and Mustangs are our favorite picks for vintage cars, while Hummers and Hatchbacks would go best for full-size drives.

  1. Through the Waves
Romantic ingress on a house boat.

Agreed to say yes by the waters? Let us help you out. While many couples would prefer walking down the aisle hand in hand, we have something else in mind. Why not jump over a mini yacht, deck boat, or even a houseboat? It’s going to feel almost like a honeymoon holiday amidst the vast oceans where it’s only the two of you and your kindling romance. It’s a given that all the guests waiting for the arrival of the power duo are going to be in awe when you drift in the middle of the waters and get off hand in hand.

  1. Animal Love
A royal arrival on an elephant.

While we are strictly against animal violence, taking a little help from them should not be a problem. Horses have been a familiar ride for the grooms for centuries, and so have been fully set carriages. While you can definitely ask your bride to take a seat beside you in the royal carriage, try something new. Elephants are a magnificent choice if the term that defines your matrimony is ‘bold.’ Other than this, pairs with soft hearts can bring in their pets and ask them to make way for you and your partner into the venue. Who would have thought that cats or dogs could become such adorable chaperones?

  1. Power Moves
A dance troupe followed by the bride.

Is the fun and quirky wedding missing something? Bring in some power moves. Various dance groups can be found across the place who deliver thrilling performances which work best even for making grandeur entries. You choose from a wide range of dance forms to showcase at your D-day like belly dancing, bhangra, and intriguing acrobats. Entertainment mixed with love is what a wedding is all about. You could also join the troupe if you are feeling too much into it!

  1. Phoolon ki Chaadar
A couple entering under the phoolon ki chaadar.

Yes, we understand this is a custom meant for the bride, but how serene would it be when the bride and the groom perform this ritual together? Phoolon ki chaadar is a divine custom where the brothers of the bride hold a sheet or a panel decorated with flowers over her head while she enters the destination. The groom can also join in and elevate the beauty of this tradition. It would be divine to witness a duo much in love walking under a tiny sky of flowers.