Jewellery Gift Ideas For the Bridesmaid 

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For all the brides, her bridesmaid is one of the most important people to be with her on her wedding day. It could be her sister or even her best friend. From selecting the bride’s outfits, jewellery, managing the sangeet to her outfit trials, a bridesmaid is always by her side. She is the one on whom the bride can fall back upon for all her wedding woes. 

Such an essential person definitely needs to be paid special attention to and her help during the entire wedding must be acknowledged. For that, we have got some jewellery gift ideas that the bride can present to her bridesmaid for making her wedding absolutely perfect. 

1. Neckpiece 

A super elegant neckpiece will make for an amazing gift for your bridesmaid. She is sure to feel extra special the moment you present it to her. Opt for a dainty chain with a girlish pendant. 

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2. Charms Bracelet 

A charms bracelet with the bridesmaid’s favourite things as charms is quite feminine. It will remind her of you every time she wears it. It is going to look really cute when the bridesmaid wears it. 


3. Earrings

Minimalist earrings are a perfect gift for your bridesmaid. She is bound to love this token of love and appreciation from the bride’s side. 


4. Ring

A single lined ring is a classic and looks truly chic. It can be paired perfectly with all outfits; Indian, western and indo-western. It is a very intimate gift and is ideal for gifting to a bridesmaid. 

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5. Anklet

Anklets might not be a very popular choice but ankle chains look ultra smart. They can be easily worn with jeans and dresses and will look quite fashionable. 

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