Jewellery in Vogue for the Bride to be


wedding_jewelleryA bride’s wardrobe is half-finished without the involvement of jewellery. The colorful gems, a spectrum of pearls, a palette of precious stones and diverse sleek shapes of diamond accomplishes the bride and reinforces her persona. The stones echoes with the bride and exhibits her true self. Their prominence is indeed necessary to articulate the persona of the bride to be. A contemporary women with the free will needs a gem that can put her confidence on display. Varied hues resembles her different spirits and surround her with a desirable mystery, revealing her compelling side. Wedding Affair helps you unravel your true self with these stunning jewellery pieces.


Draped round the neck, whether minimal or heavy, Necklace is of utmost importance in a bride’s attire.

  •  Diamonds and Rubies 


Displaying and highlighting the glory, the spectrum of these stones put the dazzle to spotlight and creates a comforting and delightful mood. Fall in love with the red rubies and let others fall for you. The best part is they will compliment any type of outfits. Principle Jewellery Designer, Sangeeta Dewan from Zoya– from the house of TATA avers, “In modern era, jewellery does not need to be matching in colors with the outfits. It is very interesting to wear contrasting jewellery with outfits, for example , wearing heritage jewellery with modern, western ensembles or vice-versa.”

  • Stunning blend of pearls and diamond

The precious different stones soothe the art lover spirit of yours. The contrasting stones creates a blend and make you feel more beautiful than ever.

  • Delicate and Minimum
Mahesh Notandass

Something for your engagement party or the reception, to not make you look choked with jewellery, rather adding the aura of calmness, sophistication and elegance.


Confining the finger, the ring embraces the beautiful relationship that you have with your fiancé, making it even more special.

  • Sapphire Stone

Just like your personality, the Sapphire Stone emerges on top like a conqueror. The color of the stone is mesmerizing, bringing in freshness.

  • Ruby embedded in Diamond
Minawala Jewellers

The red and white combination unveils an elegant blend. Embrace the gold Diamond ring with a beautiful ruby embedded in it.

  • All Diamond Ring
Mahesh Notandass

The statement ‘Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend’ holds true and you can’t miss your best friend at your wedding. Principle Designer of ‘Timeless’ by Madhuri Dixit, Mr. Debashish Mishra confabs “Diamonds have become a compulsory component of Wedding Jewellery. The jewellery exactly exemplifies your own personality trait. We have designed myriad shapes of Diamonds, with a vision to convey each role of a women in life, through shapes.”


Sparkling and shining, Earrings add a chirpiness to your persona.

  • Classic Green Pearl Danglers
Sonal’s Bijoux

The stunning beauty of the green pearls indulges you in self-appreciation, making you more confident and charming.

  • Oval Pear Danglers
Sonal’s Bijoux

A sign of elegance, the ear pieces heightens your charm and grace.

  • Chandbali Earrings

Complimenting your traditional avatar, these earrings portray beauty, charm and culture.

Slay it with these gems which are a combination of excitement, elegance, grace and charm.