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JKJ Jewellers

The name that has been dominating the jewel industry for the last 150 years is JKJ Jewellers. It speaks of royalty and has an abundance of culture and heritage that can be seen in its works. JKJ Jewellers are known for its traditional Hand-crafted jewellery and Polki jewellery. They are the finest jewellers in Jaipur. The satisfaction of their customers is their ultimate motto for the last 150 years.

Wedding season is here yet again with all the elation and flamboyance. Weddings are a lot to take for the bride and the groom.  Everything gets done in time but when it comes to selecting jewellery it becomes a never-ending thing. It’s because you remain so indecisive about what’s in trend and what should you go for. JKJ Jewellers is here as your saviour with this dilemma. Every jewel they have is a fashion statement and enhances your personality. They are the first to introduce 22/22 Hallmark jewellery in India. Hence, purity cannot be the issue.

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A fine variety of jewellery designs are also accessible from their collection, such as hefty gold necklaces, kundan and polki sets, bangles set with diamonds, and other coloured royal and semi-precious stones, bracelets, and nose-pins. JKJ Jewellers have come up with a brand new collection of jewels. It goes as below:


Preksha is an exquisite collection of jewellery that presents a hand-crafted fusion of gold and polki jewellery. It adorns the spellbinding charm of the jewels. Therefore, feel vibrant with the radiating collection ‘PREKSHA’.  

PRATHAPratha JKJ Jewellers

Pratha is another exhilarating collection by JKJ jewellers. It is the epitome of traditions and customs and connects to the Indian roots. ‘PRATHA’ is an astounding gold jewellery collection which is regal, pure, and intricate.


Parinita is an ethereal collection by JKJ Jewellers that defines the divine goddess prevailing in a person. It has elegant gold pieces that are handcrafted. So, channel your heavenly side with ‘PARINITA’ on your wedding day.

PARAMPARAParampara JKJ Jewellers

Parampara brings you sophisticated and sterling gold pieces that are traditional and imperial. Therefore, add this to your wedding trousseau and feel the elegance.


Prabha is a dainty jewellery collection that is purely radiant and enlivening. It revives diamond artistry through modernly handcrafted jewellery from the finest jewellers in Jaipur.

AMAIRAAmaira JKJ Jewellers

Amaira is an impeccable collection of jewellery that signifies pure royalty. It is a mélange of elegance and freshness. The everlasting and authentic beauty of Amaira is very appealing and captivating. Bless your wedding day and look with this gorgeous collection.

Therefore, these are the recently launched jewellery collection by JKJ Jewellers which will make your wedding day look simply unrealistic and ethereal.

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