Kanchipuram Pattu Sarees for Your Wedding Day


Kanchipuram Pattu Sarees for Your Wedding Day: Wedding season is on the horizon and we all are keenly waiting for it. But who can be more thrilled than the party’s life, i.e. bride-to-be? The bride is the one who ponders over every little issue and tries to organise it in the best way possible. The major concern is what to wear on the wedding day and the most common answer to this question is a red or maroon lehenga. In spite of that, we will be putting forward a different choice for your wedding day which is Sarees.

Sarees are the brand new style that brides are considering putting on their wedding day. Kanchipuram Puttu Sarees are giving some major fashion goals to all the brides-to-be. The word ‘Puttu’ means silk. Silk sarees have always been in vogue and always look elegant and classy. In south Indian culture, they have a specific relevance, and brides wear only silk on their wedding day. Lately, this culture is been adopted in all regions of India. The brides are leaning towards the Silk sarees and ditching the lehengas behind. Here we bring you the different colour schemes in Kanchipuram Puttu sarees for your big day.

Sea-Blue and Yellow Kanchipuram Saree

Radiant Look in a Sea blue Yellow saree

There are times when you might not feel like wearing a saree that is full of jarkan and zari. A bridal saree need not be hefty. Instead, go for some sophisticated shades which make the saree look striking and classy. Sea-Blue and Yellow are the shade for the bridal saree as it will look radiant without the zari work also. Match it with classic silver jewellery that will give the bride an exquisite look. It will look amazing at a day wedding.

Gold and Maroon Saree

The everlasting colour combination

This classic combination of gold and maroon is everlasting and you cannot get bored of it. Get a dull gold and maroon saree that has a beautiful zari on it and it will give a royal and modest look to the bride. Pair it with a heavily designed blouse and gold jewellery to make it look more mesmerizing. This saree combination is ideal for a night wedding.

Tiffany Blue Saree

Wear it in a day wedding

Tiffany blue is yet another colour scheme that is in trend. The Kanchipuram sarees have a check pattern in them which will highlight this radiant hue. Match the saree with a pink blouse as will give a more luminous look to the bride. Pair the outfit with gold jewellery and it is best for a day wedding.

Classic Red Saree

A classic red saree is always a yes

It is known that red is the colour of the bride. Whether it’s a lehenga or any other outfit red colour always finds its way to make an entry to the wedding or the pre-wedding functions. A red Kanchipuram saree is always a great choice to wear on the wedding day. Red colour brings out positivity and assurance in the bride. This colour is perfect for a night wedding.

Egyptian Blue Saree

Saree colour is as unique as the name

As interesting as the name sounds, the Egyptian blue Kanchipuram saree is a modish colour scheme that not only separates the bride from everyone else present at the wedding but also makes her look more voguish. Pair the look with the trendiest jewellery. You can wear it at the Sangeet ceremony also. The saree will look more gleaming at a night wedding.

Kanchipuram sarees are the most beautiful sarees that one can think of. These are not difficult to carry so you can wear them and still feel comfortable. Keep in mind all these Kanchipuram sarees colour schemes while shopping for your bridal saree. Relish your big day with a relaxing and elegant look.

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