KC Creations fabrics for the wedding dress of your dreams


Weddings in India are extra special, they symbolise new beginnings, sacred moments, family bonding all tied in with rituals and blessings. Thanks to Bollywood, Indian wedding lehenga’s have become an elaborate, opulent and elaborate affair and it’s getting grander by the day. 

The process of choosing your wedding dress can be very simple, but the most important factors to consider when choosing a bridal lehenga is the fabric. Often, most brides get carried away by gorgeous designs and flattering style and don’t pay much attention to the material. But there are a few points about lehenga fabric you must keep in mind before making the final decision. 

Now you don’t need to look any further as the ideal material choices to highlight your features during your wedding are right around the corner at K C creations Lajpat Nagar- the home for the ultimate material collection. At KC creations you can not just find the materials suitable for the season but also materials suitable for your body type. 

With an aim to showcase designer products to the women who love quality, traditional appeal with the modern appearance, K.C Creations emerged as one of the big retailers with three major outlets in Delhi. The outlets have set a benchmark in terms of quality, design and price. At present K.C. Creations is majorly dealing with the Banarsi Silk, Chiffons, Cottons, Embroidery, Furnishing, Jacquard, Velvets, Woolen, brocade, and much more. The fabrics delivered by K C Creations also help many  designers to create their collections.


Be it the  traditional red, maroon or pink you can find all the traditional tones of the season and more at KC creations, perfect for you to make a statement with the colours of your choice. You can also find unique colours like sunshine yellow, gold, orange or purple which are so hot this winter wedding season. With multiple colour availability you could colour block two contrasting colours to create visual irony or go monotone from head to toe while playing with textures.

Fabrics  : 

KC creations are the hub for fabrics and base fabrics, for embelishments. Be it lightweight chiffon for engagement, Georgette for cocktail gowns to crepe material for bridal lehenga,  these delicate fabrics with top quality are what you need to look for to add that rich look to your entire wedding getup.  Get the fabrics that suit you best and fits perfectly with your wedding goals  

Embroidered material:

Do you know what makes most of the designer lehengas so expensive? It’s the right combination of fabric and embroidery material with a fantastic sense of design. So, why not make your ultimate bridal leheng not just one-in-million, but the only one in the whole world. At KC creations experts have handpicked materials with intricate embroidery  which will help you create your dream Bridal Dress giving you the chance to wear your dream dress for your wedding functions. 

At KC creations they have kept pace with the changing times in matters of design trends and tastes and they not only provide the different range of fabrics but they also take utmost care of the latest trends prevailing in the textile and fashion industry.  Its also important to note that their reasonable price range for the products is also the  best in the industry and affordable for every pocket.

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