KC:MN Styles The Contemporary Man


Men dressed sharply in a kurta or a blazer look extremely dapper. The classic look tempered with a perfect modern touch is the look men strive to achieve these days. Since the wedding season is also here, men try to dress in traditional fabrics and contemporary cuts and designs. For such men, KC:MN is the perfect companion to create classic looks for the contemporary man. The brand never ceases to catch hold of the ongoing fashion trends in the industry to deliver bespoke and trendy products at the customer’s disposal.

KC:MN has been created to break out from the stereotypical perception of the man dressed in the regular casual, work and occasion wear. The brand breaks out from this ordeal and creates outfits for men that are fashion-forward and pioneering. The idea is to suit up the man who is social-media friendly and ready to stand out of the crowd with just the way he dresses. KC:MN is brought to you by the house of K.C. Creations which has established itself as the leading outlet of quality fabrics with multiple outlets in the Delhi. Along with strengthening the retail business and distribution, the brand is replete with exquisite collection of high-quality silk, banarasi, chiffons, cotton, embroidery, furnishing, Jacquard, velvets, woollen, brocade, nets, shentley and other contemporary fabrics. The brand is the epitome of luxurious and bespoke wear for men.

The exquisite collection by the brand ranges from Indian kurtas, sherwanis, Nehru jackets, indo-western outfits, to western suits, blazers, pocket squares and cuff links among others. Their collection is made from pure fabrics rendering it a touch of luxury and is made out of contemporary vision which renders it the modern touch. Their products are also custom-made to fit every body-type and size. Visit kcmn.co.in for more details on the collections and the brand.


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