Keep this in mind before hiring a MUA

Chalo Garcia

The right kind of make-up is often called a bride’s best friend, and there’s more than one reason for this. There are several things that one needs to keep in mind before hiring a makeup artist or MUA. The best type of MUA will not only understand your needs and your skin, but also uplift your look and take it to an altogether next level. As a result, you need to keep in mind all these things before hiring a MUA. Wedding Affair brings to you a jist of things one needs to keep in mind when it comes to their bridal makeup and MUA.

Say No To Delay

Start calling and enquiring with potential MUAs right after your wedding date get fixed. Start googling and reviewing the work of various artists. Calling them to check their availability and charges.

Meet Them In Advance

If you are done with all the googling and researching, meet with the MUAs. Many makeup artists offer trials (some charge for them while others offer them for free). Meeting them would give you a good sense of their work style and help you understand how comfortable you will be with them.

Questions To Ask

Do ask them about their team, the products they use and other bookings they have on the same day.


Services Included

You should be getting: hairstyling, nail paints, draping, eyelashes, maybe even a shampoo (if you are at their salon). If you aren’t getting this, then get a quote which includes all of this. It’s one thing to ask for a discount or a package deal, but another to haggle. Hence, it’s never a good idea to push too much.

Advance Deposits

Makeup artists take an advance deposit which is not refundable. The balance needs to be paid by the date of your wedding.

About Family Members

Once you have booked them, do specify in advance if you have other members of your family and friends who would like help in getting ready and exactly what services they need. The makeup artist will plan ahead and keep the products and resources available to meet your needs.


Keep in touch with them on the day of your functions and tell them the status in advance. That’s much better than having them wait half a day burning their time and energy at your venue! Or if visiting a salon, you might get a time slot from them when you can come in and get dedicated time with your makeup artist.



Just in case you cancel for absolutely any reason, be prepared to forgo the advance amount that you gave them to block their dates for you. In case the makeup artist cancels. There is no harm in asking for a back up plan. If a makeup artist is cancelling for any reason, they should be able to provide you with someone else to fill in for them and save the day. The charges too that you pay in that case can be negotiated based on who the back up artist is.

Outstation Charges

If you hire a makeup artist for a wedding outside of their city, its likely that they will charge extra. They will be dedicating their entire time to you along with their team. It is also a norm to arrange for the travel and stay for the artist and the team.

Communicate Honestly

While they are actually getting you ready, feel free to tell them what you like and what you are not comfortable with. The main thing here is that you should be happy with the way you look on the most important day of your life.

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