Keep your abode warm this winter

winter decor

As the temperature starts to take a dip, there are some simple things you can do to cut back on heating bills. Beyond replacing old windows and increasing insulation, here are some unexpected ways you can keep your house warm this winter.

Get Heat Where You Need It

If you have radiators (or baseboard heating pipes) line the inside of the exterior wall with tinfoil (or other heat reflecting materials from your home improvement store). This will reflect some of the heat back into the home. The same can be done for ovens, wood stoves and other heat sources internally. Make sure you aren’t blocking airflow from forced air vents, and that the vents are open where you need heat. Don’t block your vents with furniture, piles of dirty clothes or other debris this winter.

winter decor

Reduce Window Heat Loss

Uncover the south facing windows to let in solar heat on sunny days. Add insulating window coverings. You can open and close the insulating blinds with the sun. You need to replace the insulating blinds roughly every 10 years. If you don’t like the insulating shades, consider insulating curtains to reduce your heat loss. If you have a really big window and want to reduce heat loss, you can duct tape a large clear shower curtain to the inside. It will allow sun in during the day and still provide an air gap to reduce heat loss. Adding a curtain or shades over it helps even more at night.

winter decor

Adding Extra Warmth

Don’t drain a bathtub that is hot in winter. Wait for it to cool before you drain it. If there’s a storm coming where you may lose power, fill the tub with hot water. You get additional heat in the home and an emergency water source. Keep blankets and lap rugs handy and use them. When we sit, our circulation slows down. Keeping a throw blanket over your lap while you’re watching TV or reading can improve your comfort levels. If you spend a fair amount of time at a desk in winter, a heated foot warmer may be a good investment. Rugs not only work to style a room, but they also do a good job of keeping your feet toasty if you have tile or hardwood flooring. Consider these 16 ways to warm up a cold room.

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