Keeping All Options Open


In the age of social media and various dating platforms, it won’t be wrong to say that one has no dearth of options when it comes to dating. But how wise is it to keep all options open? And till when should one keep their options open? Wedding Affair gets candid with a few celebrities who share their views on the same.

Melvin Louis

Treating a relationship like an option results in fluctuation every day. Instead treat your relationship like an asset, it will fetch you better returns. One can keep their options open, it is safe. One can also keep their options closed, that is invested. If you are always looking for something better, you aren’t in love. If you are settling for less, you probably are in love. ‘Keeping all options open’ sounds like a garden. ‘Keeping it together’ sounds like home.

Ridhima Pandit

As cliché as it might sound, I am a strong believer of monogamy. It really puts me off when somebody whom I even know as an acquaintance isn’t of the same thought. A lot of people nowadays are together but at the same time are seeing others as well. But I think I am still old school and don’t see any point of being with each other when you still want to be with other people. The reason why I want to be in a relationship is because I want a strong partnership. I wouldn’t want something which is not monogamous. I don’t understand concepts like hiding your relationship. I am of the opposite thinking. If I am in a relationship, I wouldn’t want to hide it. Hiding the relationship is a red flag for me. I wouldn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t appreciate being in a relationship with me.

Pranati Rai Prakash

Being adaptable in general is good. When it comes to relationships, I believe one must try to understand how one internally is, whether or not that he/she is comfortable sharing their intimate space with many. After this self-analysis, one should accordingly choose a romantic partner/partners. As in my case, I am someone who is old school and an extremely romantic person who will sing, dance, travel and celebrate love in all the beautiful ways possible. So, I’d prefer waiting for the special one and keeping it exclusive.

Angela Krislinzki

Love to me is the most beautiful thing. It is the happiest state to be in. So, it is unnecessary for people who are in a relationship to look for more. If something is missing in your relationship, better not be in it. If you are looking for other options then the relationship you are in is not enough. Giving your whole and soul to a relationship is extremely important for a solid equation. Searching for other options distracts you from enjoying what you share with your partner. If one wants to explore options then stay single and then explore and not waste someone else’s time. But if you are in a relationship give your 100 per cent.

Ayush Anand

I would say that we are human beings and not animals. If a person is in a relationship with someone then there is no need to keep other options open. That’s not fair and amounts to cheating. One needs to be honest and committed in a relationship. An individual should keep all options open when he/she is single. Love should bring out the best in you, rather than making you resort to the ‘easy way out’. That’s my two cents, rest to each their own.