Keeping Love Alive While Maintaining Social Distance


We hope you’re staying home and staying safe! But we also hope that you aren’t forgetting to practice the art of loving at home. We know that staying at home for longer periods can get frustrating oftentimes. But then, you can always spend that quality time with your partner and embrace the beauty of your relationship all over again. Take a look at the list of five things that you and the love of your life can practice at home to strengthen your relationship as we fight this COVID – 19 situation together.

1. Play At Home

Amidst all the tensions that have fallen upon the world, make some happy time with your partner where the two of you can play and compete. Board games, internet games, cards, all these are quite fun.

2. Gardening And Cooking Together

While you’re at home, divide the household work with each other. One can chop, the other can cook. Both can manicure your gardens together. Create little nooks of happiness with each other while you try to tackle the virus together.

3. Words Of Encouragement

Yes, it can get quite difficult to survive within the four walls when all the news gets us anxious all the time. So, encourage each other! Say those loving words, talk positively, remind each other why you love them. These small gestures can easily boost morale while rendering solidity to your equation.

4. Backrub And Foot Massages

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Calming backrubs and foot massages are the way to go! These will not only help boost your mental health but will also aid your sex life. Use aromatic oils, scented candles and romantic music for best results.

5. Thank You Phone Calls

Video call your friends and family together. Thank them for always being there. Initiate a happy conversation by remembering all the good times. A little positivity and sweet moments will help you maintain a healthy time spent together.

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