Key Fragrance Families For Men

Fragrance Families For Men

Summer season relishes our childhood memories, isn’t it? Sweet mangoes, chilling lemonade, juicy watermelon and flavourful ice creams, everything is so beautiful about summer. But with summer also comes the season of sweat, body odour and itching, well we all hate that. You can fight off these aftermaths of summer with the right fragrances. Each fragrance belongs to a specific family of fragrances or a fragrance pyramid, searching for the best perfume for men that has the perfect fragrance, effortlessly blends with your body’s natural scent, complements your persona and accelerates your sartorial game is not an easy task if you are not familiar with fragrance notes. Worry not, here is a beginner’s guide you can follow to escalate your knowledge about the key fragrance families and which aroma will enrich your look at ease. 

Fragrance FamilyWOODY

Woody FragranceWoody perfume for men is warm and rich, found in fragrance notes like sandalwood, patchouli and cedarwood. This woody fragrance is further sub-categorised into three segments – woods which have aromatic fragrances like sandalwood and vetiver, mossy woods which include sweet, smooth and earthy scents like oakmoss and amber and dry woods which has smouldering and smoky mixtures of leather aromas. Woody notes also have citrusy notes to dial down the intensity of the fragrance and evoke a hint of freshness. Woody notes are most appropriate to ace intimate dates or boardroom meetings. 


Oriental FragranceOriental is synonymous with exotic, oriental fragrance family embraces rich exotic scents that are perfectly blended with warmth and sensuality. Comprising the bright citrus zing of lemon, orange and greens, the oriental Fougere family is perfect for long-lasting luxurious events. Embracing you with the masculine charm this perfume for men is the party wear essential every man should own to embrace the partygoer within him.  


Aromatic Fougere FragranceTo cope with a tiring and scorching day, aromatic Fougere is what you need! Giving you a blast of freshness and reviving your dull day, this fragrance drips you with confidence and ultra-modern luxe. Lemon, green, artemisia and tonka beans note subtly incorporated in aromatic Fougere make you look charismatic and uplift your mood. Relaxing your frame of mind, oozing magnetic vibes and crafted for contemporary men, this fragrance is suitable for casual wear


Fruity FragranceIf you are looking for a subtle fragrance, your search ends here! This fragrance is most appropriate for the sunny season when we all want to feel fresh and light. This fragrance has woodsy attributions without the heaviness. The fruity-floral aroma of apple, violet and labdanum combined with a strong aromatic base gives you delicate floaty freshness to slay every occasion like dinner dates, luxurious parties or board room meetings. 

After knowing about the key fragrance families, you can now decide which perfume category you like the most and start with the search for the fragrance that ensembles your whole look and complements your charming aura.