Know Your Shape and Dress

Know Your Body And Shape For Bridal Dress - Wedding Affair

In the quest to look your best during the most pivotal time of your life, you try everything under the sun to reach that ulterior level of perfection. From skincare to fitness regimes, everything can be targeted to reach that brink of perfection you vouch for. However, one thing that remains constant is the shape of your body.

Even after shedding those extra pounds to look like the glamorous diva you already are, you need to get yourself acquainted with what suits your body type. Be it your wedding functions outfits or your wedding lehenga itself, it wouldn’t reach the utmost potential of how flattering you can look if you don’t dress according to your body type.

The Indian clothing diaspora is exceedingly vast and effervescent. To make the best of the buoyant Indian couture, a brief knowledge of the body shapes would come in handy. To help you pick the perfect wedding attire according to your body type, here’s a quick guide.

For Hourglass Shaped Body

Hourglass Shaped Body DressFor women with a narrow waist and curvy around the hips and bust, congratulations! You have an hourglass-shaped body. This is the most desirable body shape among girls. With such a body figure, the body appears to be much curvier with a well-defined waistline. Fitted outfits are the perfect fit for the hourglass figure. This balanced body shape is accentuated and highlighted with fitted attire in the perfect manner. With a cinched waist and a riveting balance between the upper body and the lower body, there are plenty of ways out there to style this body shape. Dhoti pants with crop tops and jackets would look extremely flattering.

For Rectangle Shaped Body

Rectangle Shaped Body DressAs the dynamics suggest, a rectangle body shape lacks defined curves. If your hips, waist, and bust are of the same width and lack definition, chances are, you are the rectangle body shape type! To suffice the lack of curves, choose a lehenga that shows off the curves as much as possible. In order to add volume to the bottom, choose a wide lehenga with stiff fabric. If you like to master the illusion of curves, wear a blouse with a plunging neckline, it will definitely give you an illusion of all the curves and will suit you best. Wearing corsets could also be another smart way to dress for curves.

For Pear or Bottom Heavy Body

Pear Body TypeIf you are a bottom-heavy lady, chances are that your hips and thighs are the ones that attract most of the attention. Even though less prominent than the lower body, a pear-shaped body still rocks a defined waist. For women with a pear body shape, the best bet would be to avoid skin-hugging attire by picking lightweight and breezy silhouettes. It is also advisable to avoid adding too much volume to the lehenga. Use your defined waist to your advantage and wear your bridal lehenga lower than the navel. Wear a blouse decked up with detailed work for balancing your curves. Opt for styles like capes. Anarkalis and structured blouses also appear to be extremely flattering on a pear-shaped body type.

For Apple or Top-Heavy Body

Top Heavy Body DressA woman with an apple body shape is top-heavy. Meaning that they are much more curvier around the middle section and chest of their body. It is also believed that people with an apple body shape embody a wider back and rib cage with little to no definition around the waist. If you relate to this body type, then we recommend you to go for a heavily embroidered or embellished lehenga. By keeping your blouse low, and sporting a U or a V cut from the hem, you’ll achieve a more balanced look for your lehenga.

For an Inverted Triangle-Shaped Body

Inverted Triangle Shaped BodyWomen with an inverted triangle body type tend to have a heavier and broader shoulder line. With significantly leaner hips and waistlines, such body types resemble the shape of the alphabet “V”.  Such a body type also lacks little to almost no defined waistline. A sharara set or a dhoti ensemble would be a perfect fit for this body type. The reason behind suggesting these outfits is because these particular outfits draw attention to your lower torso due to their flowy nature. Further helps you to strike a balance between your shoulder line and your hips and provides the perfect illusion of an hourglass figure.

Now with a brief introduction to all these body types, you’re ready to experiment with your ethnic wardrobe and select what appears to be more flattering for your wedding outfits. You can pick and choose from different clothing pieces in your wardrobe and also create your own brand-new outfits. This also leaves room for plenty of innovation and creativity. Also, now when you go for your bridal lehenga shopping, you will be well-informed about what would look the most flattering on you.