Labeling your bridal traits according to your zodiacs

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Brides are allowed to be all bossy, emotional, and even moody at times, so what do you ladies think, what kind of a bride would you be? Well, if youre not ready to think about it yet, then not worry because we have a list of all the zodiacs according to which we will describe your bridal traits. Have a look!!

Always leading: Aries


Well, aries are always the leaders, you might wanna roll the red carpet as theyre always in a bossy aura. And while we discuss brides and their zodiacs, well then Arian brides are always going to be bossy and super energetic on their wedding day. She might be a little nervous about her looks, but still excited to seize the day.

#ChillModeOn:  Taurus

If you are expecting a Taurus bride to act like a traditional and shy bride well then you are wrong, my friend. Taurean brides are possibly the most chilled out ones at their own wedding, theyll make you feel at home and enjoy to their fullest. Youll probably find them giggling and enjoying a glass of champagne at their own wedding.

Seeking perfection: Gemini

If you are the wedding planner of a Gemini bride then best of luck buddy because are not allowed to have a good nights sleep until everything is picture-perfect. She will probably create a fuss about invitations and see into all the minor details herself just to make sure everything is just PERFECT!

All emo and sentimental: Cancer

Well, were not even exaggerating when we say that the Cancerian brides are THE most emotional and sentimental ones. Theyll probably start preparing their wedding months ago and even start weeping months before the D-Day. So, yes cancer brides will be the emotional kinds.

All about the attention: Leo


We all know that these lions are all about attention, right? And while we discuss a Leo bride then all she would want is all eyes on her, she aims at choosing the finest jewellery and the most regal outfit to make her bridal look all royal and extravagant.

Organized divas: Virgo

Virgo brides are pros in planning and organizing events. Period! As we all know that Virgos are perfectionists and due to this theyll be their own wedding planners. From guest lists to events shell make sure to organize everything all by herself

Old school charm: Libra

Youll probably spot a Libra bride looking all gorgeous in her great-grandmother’s wedding outfit because she is all about family traditions. Libra brides are unlikely to create a fuss, instead, they know how to balance their emotions and stay calm.

Low key Lady: Scorpio

Scorpio brides, just like all the other women will wish to have a grand entry, a royal outfit, and a great ceremony. But she will rather enjoy all these things with her immediate family and only the ones she is close to. Shell refrain from having a grand wedding, instead, she would prefer an intimate one.

Explorers at heart: Sagittarius

Well, there is no secret in the fact that Sagittarians are big-time travel freaks, so while we discuss a Sagittarius bride then let us tell you that all she would want is to mix up travel with her wedding. She would want her wedding to take place at a scenic destination with a relaxed kinda vibe.

Traditional one: Capricorn

Do not expect a Capricorn bride to get involved in some mainstream wedding shopping, because she is all about enjoying the traditional rituals and feeling it all in by heart.

‘The do it all’: Aquarius


There is not even a single thing an Aquarian bride would miss on her wedding day. From planning a perfect wedding, luxurious shopping, drinks with the squad to bachelor she would do it all without any doubts.

Dreamy diva: Pisces

Pisceans are always drowned in their own pool emotions, likewise, a Pisces bride will probably attend her own wedding like a dream come true. She might not be to control her happy tears at her wedding because thats how emotional she is.

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