Lamps to grace your lovely abode


Lamps play a very important role in the vibe of any space. The right kind of lighting not only illuminates the room but also makes it look vibrant, bright, and fresh; while the wrong kind can make the space look dull and sad. There are many different types of lamps that go well with different areas, be it tripod or piano lamps. So we have for you 4 different types of lamps that you can incorporate in your abode. Have a look at a detailed guide of different types of lamps and the space that they would look the best in.

Buffet Lamps

A buffet lamp is slender and has a pretty good height. It is perfect for illuminating a huge space, be it a living room or a dining area. Typically used in spotlighting the dishes on a buffet table, this lamp can be used in the dining area to illuminate the food on the dining table.


Swing Arm Lamps

Swing arm lamps are perfect for corners wherein you need direct light. They are also ideal for study units, as they have a functional and adjustable arm. They give you a concentrated light that is great for studying.

Tripod Lamps


Tripod lamps are three-legged and look stylish and unique. They are great for the living area and bedroom corners. They are sturdy and tall and give light that is bright enough to illuminate the entire room.

Tree Lamps

Tree lamps are lamps that have multiple lights. These lights look similar to branches of a tree and therefore, this kind of lamp is known as a tree lamp. Mostly, these branches are adjustable and you can illuminate different corners of the house at the same time.

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