Unique Bridal Entries

At the wedding ceremony, a bride usually walks down the aisle either along with her best man or her parents. This ceremony of handing...

A Rajput Wedding

The Rajputs do everything including their weddings in a unique style. Their swords, royal jewellery, Rajputana poshaak, and traditional customs make everything about their style of weddings regally distinctive and grand.

The Joy-Filled Anand Karaj

Amidst the clink of kaleeras, the serenity of a gurdwara and the glory of sword, the sight of a typical Anand Karaj is truly...


Kashmiri Brahmin Wedding Once, the horoscopes of bride and groom are matched, the purohit fixes the wedding date according to the Kashmiri calendar.

Kalyanam In Kerala

Don’t you still remember your trip to Kerala? That gush of cool breeze by the gorgeous palm-fringed beaches, plentiful breath of fresh air to...