Lavender For Your Wedding Decor!


Wedding decor trends in India are ever changing. It all started off in the 70’s when wedding decor was all about synthetic tents. Things have been changing slowly and steadily. With modernisation through the years, tents have changed into posh lawns with amazing lighting. Many have also started preferring a banquet full of flowers.

Every year a new color comes into the picture. Flowers of one particular color, tents of it, and other small articulate pieces add aesthetics to a wedding venue. Interior and wedding decorators and planners join small pieces of love and rejoice to curate a function. Wedding is a huge affair, the day of marriage comes once in a lifetime for a person. Therefore, wedding decor must be on fleek.

Back in the last decade, pink was everywhere at the functions. An event venue was incomplete without the presence of pink in it. From the entry point to the small eateries, you would have seen hues of pink in the forms of flowers and fabric. However, this color was so much used that it shortly became very mainstream.

Trends now a days are changing to include a basic elegant palette. Our company is this year filled with customer requests for the color Lavender. Lavender has become the pink of 2021. Lavender belongs to the purple family. And, the purple family closely resembles the pink one. Lavender gives calm and romantic vibes and has become the most favorite color this year.

Wedding decorators are trying hard to ensure that the demands and expectations of customers match the reality on the wedding day. Lavender, this year’s color crush, is being inculcated in the wedding decor through orchids, lilies and lavenders. The view of a lavender colored wedding is a sight to behold. A lavender wedding decor would suit an afternoon wedding mostly. However, it totally depends on the demands placed by the client. Lavender colored satins look very beautiful on a sunny day. You can add some pearl decoration to add a dash to your function. We love lavender and we know that you do too.

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