Lavender is the new wedding colour



Lavender wedding dresses 

While red and pinks are truly the most beautiful and quintessential bridal colors, these purple bridal lehengas will too leave you spell bound. Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, this color is sure to let you slay your look. A stunning purple lehenga will make you fall in love with your wedding dress. It’s time to ace up your bridal game  and opt for a glitz purple floral outfit and have all the attention.

Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses

The ultimate tip for wearing lavender bridesmaid wedding dresses is that less is more. Also, you must subtly mimic the bride, so as not to overshadow her. Going by these rules, you’ll match modest silver jewelry with a detailed or patterned lavender dress. You could wear dainty sandals or stilettos in gray, teal, silver, or turquoise colors. The bridesmaids will look uber-sophisticated and elegant.

Wedding invitation 

When choosing lavender wedding invitations, put your wedding style into consideration.For instance, cream, ivory, or white card stock is the standard. When it’s paired with black or gold font, we get the classic style for formal wedding invitations.. A lilac or purple card stock with gold lettering, sealed with lavender lace ribbon is also genius. Stepping away from these, you can incorporate your own unique colors.

Lavender Wedding flowers 

To create charming lavender wedding bouquets, think colors. You also need to incorporate flowers that work well with lavender for a table center piece, or decorations . Remember that the stems are rigid, for this reason, you must use them sparingly except in larger floral arrangements.At the reception, use a lot of creme roses, lavender sprigs, hydrangeas, and lush greenery for decor.

Lavender Wedding Cakes

Lavender wedding cakes are quintessential and fit for different wedding styles. If you’re having a garden-inspired wedding, opt for tiered lavender and silver icing wedding cake. Decorate with gum paste lavender blossoms and pink blooms.